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Muje Artwork



Jo Flames
Muje is a beautiful song to listen to. Asides it's rich Biblical content, it is also delivered with top notch vocals and excellent instrumentation.



Spirit 3:6
Ontogeny is a biological term which refers to the process of an individual organism growing organically. This sums up the experience listeners are expected to have as they listen to the piece. From the beginning of the piece, listeners would be transported down memory lane. You’ll find yourself reflecting on where you’re coming from, how far you come from there and whole journey in between. In essence, Ontogeny helps you reflect on your (life’s) growth process over the years.
To Know You


To Know You (Cover)

Skiffy Kanees
This is Skiffy Kanees' cover of To Know You by Dunsin Oyekan. In her own words, Skiffy said, "This song is an expression of my heart to God, and my desire to truly know him. The quest to find myself can only be possible when I come to know CHRIST, the power of the cross and His resurrection. Amen."

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Muje Artwork

Muje – Jo Flames (Press release)

Nigerian Christian Contemporary Music singer and songwriter, Jo Flames, just released another highly energetic and beautifully sounding single tiled, Muje....

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Seasons - Skiffy Kanees

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  Super-talented Inspirational singer, Skiffy Kanees is set to release a new single, titled Seasons. This coming three years after the release...

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Spirit 3:6

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