Essential qualities you need as a 21st century musician(2)

Essential qualities you need as a 21st century musician

Last week, I started a series on essential qualities you need as a 21st century musician. Today, I am going to share 3 more qualities with you. So, let’s continue.


1. You need Genuine Care for your Audience

Deep down in the heart of every musician is the desire to be heard. It doesn’t matter whether you write songs to pass a message to your audience, or to change an existing ideology, or just so that people will notice how talented you are and appreciate you. Whatever be the case, the truth still remains that we all want to be heard. But you need to recognize that the people you want to listen to your songs are real people who face real life problems. They don’t exist for you or your music career. You need to bear that in mind and actually care about them. Think about them as you write your songs. Ask yourself, “what impact will this song I’m writing make in the lives of my listeners?” Show them that you genuinely care about them and let your songs prove it. Don’t just put out content for yourself and expect people to listen. They will listen to your songs more when their lives are impacted positively by them. And this goes beyond your songs; it extends to your social media posts, your press interviews, etc.


2. You need Focus.

Let’s face it, becoming successful as a musician does not happen magically, with the snap of one’s fingers. For most musicians, it takes a long time before they can eventually hit commercial success. And so, as a budding musician, you most likely already have a day- job or business that pays the bills while you continue to work hard to succeed in your music career. This is why you need focus. Otherwise, you could get caught up in trying to survive that you totally forget music. This especially the case in a country like Nigeria. Many promising music careers have ended this way. As a musician you need to find a way to remain focused with your music career, even while you try to make ends meet with your job or business. So, yes, focus is an essential quality you need as a 21st century musician.


3. You need Consistency

This is another quality that is quite essential for 21st century musicians. We have already established that success in this industry takes time. And also, that there is a lot of competition in this industry, with millions of equally good musicians out there. You, therefore, owe it to your audience (fans) to be consistent with releasing new content on a regular basis, so as to maintain their attention.

Just in case, you haven’t got a clear picture of what I’m trying to paint for you, let me explain it further. The millions of good musicians out there are releasing tons of good music daily. As a result of this, songs now trend for a shorter period of time than they used to. So, in order for any musician to remain relevant, they need to be consistent with releasing content. Hope you get it now?


Okay. I’ll stop here again today. So far, I’ve been able to share 6 essential qualities you need as a 21st century musician. You can check the first 3 in the previous article if you missed it. Next week, I will be wrapping up this series, so stay tuned. Please leave a comment below, let me know which of these qualities have helped you in the past.