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2022 New Year Promo

We decided to begin the year, 2022 with a new year promo. The promo is for two of services offered by Jeplune Music Studios.

The first is for music artists.

We’re offerring to make three (3) professional lyric videos, with animated texts and fitting motion backgrounds, at the price of two (2). So instead of paying $51 for three lyric videos, an artists just pays $34 and get three videos. That’s a great way to start the year. Just in case you’re wondering why you need to make lyric videos for three of your songs, check out this article on the benefits of lyric videos. 


The second is for organisations that need voice over services.

We’re offering professional female voice overs for just $13. These voice overs could be used for:

  • Sermon intros and outros
  • Radio commercials
  • Prerecorded announcements for events or church services, etc

This affords organisations and churches the opportunity to get give their audience a great first impression when they listen to their sermons, radio commercials, etc and all at an unbeatable price.


So, in essence, we’re giving artists and organisations a great start this year, 2022 with this new year promo.



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