Confession by Cypzy featuring AlphaBaze (Song Review)

Confession by Cypzy ft. AlphaBaze

This review is for Confession by Cypzy featuring AlphaBaze. It was released on the 26th day of January, 2022. The song has a total play time of 208 seconds (3 minutes 28 seconds). The genre of the song is Christian Hip hop.

General overview:

Confession is a song to get you to sit and reflect on the lyrics. People who struggle with their identity and accepting that they’ve been forgiven would definitely relate to the lyrics of the song. It is not the kind of song you can dance to.

Strong points:

  • Great vocal delivery. One of the strongest points of this song is the vocal delivery of Cypzy and AlphaBaze. Cypzy’s delivery of his confession in the verses was on point; you could hear the emotion in his voice and that’s very commendable. AlphaBaze really took the song to a whole new level with the hook and the chorus. I completely fell in love with the song when I heard the chorus after the second verse.
  • Great production. Next to the vocal delivery is the production of the song. It very skillfully done. The producer’s choice of instruments was very good. The manner in which the tension of the song gradually rose from just one keyboard (in verse one) to full instrumentation (in the chorus) was also apt. I really love the production of this song.
  • Relevant message. The song is basically a confession of someone who had derailed in the past, but who is trying to retrace his steps back to God. People struggle to accept the fact that he is truly repentant, but he knows he’s been forgiven by God. Like I mentioned in the general overview, people who, like the prodigal son, has lost their way and people who struggle with accepting that God has forgiven them of their past would definitely relate to the lyrics of this song.

What could have been improved:

It would have been nice if the song had a third verse or bridge after the hook and in that verse talk clearly about God’s forgiveness and the truth that there is no sinful past that God can’t forgive. That would have helped drive home the message of the song.


Confession by Cypzy featuring AlphaBaze is a beautiful song. I enjoyed listening to it. On a scale of 1- 10, I will score it 9/10.

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Heart Of A Soldier by Kazi (Song Review)

Heart of a Soldier

This review is for Heart Of A Soldier by Christian rapper and Pastor, Kazi. The song was released on the 29th of October, 2021. It has a total play time of 220 seconds (3 minutes 40 seconds). The genre of the song is Christian Hip hop.

General overview:

Heart of a soldier is the kind of the song that would easily get your attention once it starts playing. It has this bold and “in your face” kind of feel. If you’re a hip hop head, then you’ll most likely fall in love with the song. The tempo is fast enough for someone to be able to dance to it.

Strong points:

  • Relevant message. Being a pastor, Kazi passes across deep scriptural truths, as usual, using this song. The song reminds believers that they are Soldiers of Christ here on earth and this has two implications; (1) they cannot afford to live like ordinary men without purpose (2) they have what it takes to wrestle with and resist the forces of darkness.
  • Awesome production. Another strong point of this song is the production. It’s bold, daring and beautiful. The production helped to pass the message of the song. I particularly loved the energy of the 808s and how they were beautifully used in the song. The mix was also very good. It’s not easy to have very loud 808s and still maintain a clear mix. I really must commend whoever mixed this song.
  • Great vocal delivery. The boldness with which Kazi passed across the message of the song was on point. Considering that the song dares believers to fight the good fight of faith, it was necessary that the vocal delivery be strong and Kazi did justice to that.

What could have been improved:

There was no dynamics in the song. The entire was made up of two chords and that progression was repeated from beginning to the end. Though the song was not boring because the message was relevant and enriching, yet I wish there was a little change (maybe in the chords or something) at some point in the song to create dynamics.


Heart of a soldier by Kazi is a beautiful song with a relevant message. I loved the creativity in adding a native language (Igbo) to the rap verses. And I really love the production. On a scale of 1-10, I would score this song 9/10. You can download the song here or watch the lyric video here.

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Beyond the music; an interview with Aizek

Interview with Aizek

Today, on Musicians Corner, I’ll be featuring an interview with Aizek. Aizek is a rap artist with D.P.E Records. He has two published projects and several other singles. He is also a part of the HBR Squad, and in collaboration with the other artist in the group, they have two published joint projects. So, let’s get on with the interview.

Spirit: Please can you share with us a little about your childhood days before music?

Aizek: I grew up in Rukuba Road in Jos, Plateau State, moved when I was 10. I’ve always been the laid-back person, had a couple of friends. You know how childhood days are na; playing, eating, getting into trouble ?, and all that. Fun memories and not so fun memories. It was good though.

Spirit: So, what or who motivated you to start rapping?

Aizek: Okay, a little background before I answer that, before rapping I used to sing, ??  I remember being in a boy band in school that eventually had female members?. And back in Sunday School I remember presenting ‘special numbers’ with some friends. I joined the church band in my church and all that… Music was kinda part of me, and I love rap. Back in secondary school I loved hip hop, used to search for lyrics and try following some of the songs, fast forward in 2006 I got introduced to CHH and man, it was a great experience, having Christians rapping and sharing their faith in hip hop, it was something else. I enjoyed listening to amazing songs back then and the desire to rap kept increasing, I believed this was something I was supposed to do, sharing from my experiences and worldview, basically the things I believe in. So, in ’07 I and Bwans co-founded a hip hop group named Da BOARD, we talked to some of our friends that shared the same passion for music, CHH…and some became a part of it. Cross Movement was a big motivation back then. Shout out to my big bro Wanger, he was my first plug that year to CHH, access to the music he shared with me played a key role in me doing this now.

Spirit: That’s interesting. So, what were some encounters you had in your early days of your music career? Was it easy?

Aizek: Honestly it wasn’t easy. First there’s the process of actually growing and becoming better, taking criticism and stuff. Then support, raising support and money wasn’t easy, cos you need money to do this… Like you really do. Great thing we had people that believed in us when we started (I’m saying we cos I started rapping with a group). The whole thing about rapping in church or at church events was a strange thing to a lot of people, so different people kicked against it and stuff, some legit couldn’t hear what we were saying.

Spirit: I can imagine… But, despite all these encounters/ challenges you continued. Why? What is your drive/ motivation?

Aizek: I’ve been down different times, thought about quitting, I’ve actually said ‘I quit’ different times too, but somehow, I get back. I believe this is something God wants me to do right now. Using my experiences and what I believe in to just speak to someone… In most cases I’m the someone. It’s beyond me and it’s beyond just the music. Being part of a community also helps; as you renew your mind with the word, you renew your vision with the community around. So, I keep pushing hoping that God will use it all for his glory, the good, the bad and the in-betweens.

I believe this is something God wants me to do right now. Using my experiences and what I believe in to just speak to someone… In most cases I’m the someone. It’s beyond me and it’s beyond just the music. Being part of a community also helps; as you renew your mind with the word, you renew your vision with the community around.

Spirit: Wow! There’s a whole lot of message in there. I think I need to take a minute to let it sink…

Back to the questions, I still remember the first time I heard one of the songs from your first mix tape. I did not believe you were Nigerian because of how good you were. What would you say made you become this good?

Aizek: I appreciate that. I believe in having the desire to keep growing and striving to be excellent. As I grew in my work with God, I realized sometimes we don’t put in work to be good at various giftings God has given us, especially within the church, you see people that will just do whatever and not give their best. God wants us to be excellent with whatever giftings we have. That’s something my group back then believed in, so we strive to be better. And believe me, it’s a lifelong process because most times I don’t think I’m that good.

Spirit: You are part of the HBR squad. What does it feel like working with a team now, especially since you used to be an independent artist?

Aizek: It’s not a new thing, like I pointed out cos I actually started rapping with friends in a group. It’s a great feeling. I do music with some very creative and artistic individuals, like they’re all good. It’s fun, engaging, pushes me to be better. I mean when I look back to how we worked on our various Cyphers, you should check them out if you haven’t, from the concept and ideas surrounding each one… Crazy. Then our joint projects; The Unserious Project and We Are Serious (WAS)… Creating those two projects was mad amazing, it was really good.

Spirit: Ok. Do you think your faith as a Christian has limited you in your music career in any way?

Aizek: Nah… I don’t think so. There are people that definitely won’t listen to me but I don’t see that as a limitation, there are places they won’t call me to perform at… Still. Something to point out here, being a Christian doesn’t limit the kind of songs you do, cos I believe whatever song you’re working on will be from the worldview you have and your belief system. There was a single I had some years back, ‘Kpomo vs. You’ featuring Haye, a Christian blog didn’t publish it when I sent it, they said it was more mainstream than Christian… I don’t know what that means sha ?. Limits here is very relative.

Spirit: Are there benefits you’ve enjoyed as a musician because of your faith?

Aizek: Some respect and admire what I do and support it.

Spirit: Ok. One of the qualities you have that I admire a lot is your humility. Are there things you consciously practice to stay humble?

Aizek: Hmmm… This is tricky for me. Humility is thinking about yourself correctly, like C. S. Lewis said “Humility is not thinking less of yourself but think of yourself less.” That’s something I try to do cos believe me I think less of myself sometimes. It’s a continuous process…

Spirit: Yeah, I totally agree… So, what should we expect from you with regards music in the future?

I’m working on a project, so hopefully this year, hopefully I’m dropping another project. Different stuff are coming too… Fingers crossed.

Spirit: Any final words of advice for upcoming Musicians and Producers?

Aizek: Stay true to what you believe in and keep striving to be better, even when you have setbacks and mess ups. Fall, get up and keep moving. Keep your eyes fixed on the Son.

Spirit: Wow! It’s been a great time with so much to learn. Thank you so much for your time, Aizek. I really appreciate this opportunity. And thank you, especially for your honesty.

Aizek: Thank you for having me. I’m grateful.

Well, guys we’ve come to the end of this interview with Aizek. I hope you learnt some things from it. I’d love to hear feedback from you guys, so please feel free to reach out. Also, you can check out music by Aizek using this link.

One last thing,

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