The Confidence Album- Msugh Anom

The confidence album


Nigerian Rockstar, Msugh Anom is set to release the Confidence Album this April. This is his second album. Anyone who knows Msugh Anom or has listen to his previous Album, More than meets the eye, would know by now that this new one would be Awesome. Msugh Anom is known for his excellent vocal delivery as well as deep lyrical content in his songs. Add to that his taste and professionalism in music and you just might begin to have a glimpse of what to expect with the Confidence album.

Talking about the Confidence Album, Msugh Anom said,

“The Confidence album to me is an expression of worship to God in Whom my confidence, for now and eternity lies. I wrote most of the songs during a period in my life where I found answers to doubts that questioned my faith. It is also my first attempt at songs in other languages, something I never had confidence in myself to pull off, but I did and I’m glad I did. I also did an afro-rock mix on the instrumentation, another thing I never thought I would ever do. So, recording the album was also me challenging myself  to try things I had never tried before.”

The Confidence album has 10 tracks and it featured some known RockStars in Nigeria like Terver and Robert Gar. Also, some iconic rock guitar players, engraced the album with their magical fingers. You’ll hear the exceptional skills of players like the legendary Umar Jawfu, Preach Zagi, Emmeo Ogwuche and Msugh himself.

The Confidence album is highly anticipated nationwide, especially among Nigerian Rockheads. The album is set to drop on the 1st of April, 2022.

Follow Msugh Anom on Facebook for details about streaming links when the album drops. We would also update this press release with the streaming links when they are released.

Here is the tracklist for the album.

UPDATE: Here is the link to stream The Confidence Album on Spotify



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Running After You (song review)

Running after you

‘Running After You’ is a single by Onoji Kalebson featuring Grace Emmanuel. It was released on the 4th of March, 2022. The song has a total play time of 316 seconds (5 minutes 16 seconds). The genre of the song is Nigerian Highlife music with a dash of contemporary worship music.

General overview:

‘Running After You’ is a song of love and commitment to God in response to the great love He has shown to us.  Its classy ‘Highlife’ feel makes it suitable to be played at ceremonies like wedding receptions, etc as it can easily be danced to by everyone, especially the elderly.

Strong points:

  • Great production. This is the strongest point of this song. The choice and use of instruments were perfect for the song. There were lots of bright sounding instruments which gave the song a happy feel, rather than a sad one. The slow tempo of the song gave it that elegant, high class feel. The production was just skillfully and beautifully done.
  • Beautiful melody. The song also has a beautiful melody which goes very well with the message of the song.
  • The featured artist, Grace Emmanuel did very well with her verse. She added spice to the song in a very beautiful way.
  • The backing vocals were professional.
  • The song’s theme/ message is quite relevant. It was more of a commitment to God from Onoji Kalebson that no matter what happens, his heart will still be running after Him.

What could have been improved:

  •  Considering the message of the song, I expected that one of the verses would talk about the unconditional love of God and why the writer has made up his mind to keep running after God. We know from scriptures that we love Him because He first loved us. I guess Onoji Kalebson assumed that everyone who would listen to this song already knew this truth, but that’s usually not the case.
  • I felt that Onoji Kalebson would have done better with his vocal delivery. The song is a commitment (born out of deep affection) to God in response to God’s love. But I didn’t hear that deep affection in his voice.  It seemed like he was too conscious of how his voice would sound, that it lacked passion.


‘Running After You’ is a beautiful song with a beautiful production. I enjoyed listening to it. On a scale of 10, I would rate this song 7/10.

You can listen to the song  or download it for yourself here.


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Judikay and her husband announces the arrival of their baby

Judikay and her husband

Popular Nigerian gospel singer, Judikay and her husband, yesterday, announced the arrival of their baby boy.

Judikay, whose birth name is Judith Kanayo, is a singer and songwriter signed to Eezee Conceptz. She hails from the Southern part of Nigeria, particularly, Delta State. She is a graduate of Theatre and film Studies from The Redeemers University. Over the years, she has released an album and several singles.

In case you missed it: Song review of ‘Daddy You Too Much’ by Judikay


You would recall that Judikay got married to her husband, Mr Anselem Opara, on the 7th of November, 2020 at Christian Pentecostal Mission, Lagos.

On the early hours of Tuesday, 22nd March, 2022, the couple welcomed their first baby (a boy) and Judikay and her husband announced this news yesterday, using her social media. The news has since been received with joy by several of her fans. The comment section of the post has been flooded with various congratulatory messages from fans.



Glory to Glory – Manji Spice (song review)

Glory to Glory

Glory to Glory is a single by singer and songwriter, Manji Spice featuring Degeneral. It was released on the 9th of January, 2022. The total play time of the song is 224 seconds (3 minutes 44 seconds). The genre of the song is a mixture of funk and Christian Hippop.

General Overview:

Glory to Glory is the kind of song that would get you nodding your head to the rhythm or maybe even on your feet and jumping if you’re in the right mood. It’s a song of excitement about Christ and what He has done. It would also make an excellent Christmas song.

Strong points:

  • Great vocal delivery. Manji Spice did a great job with his vocal delivery of the song. Asides the fact that he has a very sweet voice, he used it in way that correctly passes the message of the song.
  • Relevant message. The song also has very relevant and Biblically accurate message. Simply put, the song reminds the believer that Christ is the reason their lives move from one level of glory to another. Like Scripture says, “the path of the righteous is like a shinning light that shines brighter and brighter unto the perfect day.” Also, it reminds believers that Christian celebrations like Christmas are basically about Christ not about the feasting.
  • Beautiful melody. The song has a beautiful chord progression. Even if the song were sang with just a guitar, it would still be very pleasing to the ears.

What could have been improved:

  • The intro of the song was not quite fitting. The song is an exciting the song and so an exciting intro to the song would have been much better than the one it had. The intro of the song made it look like it was a sad reflective song when it is the exact opposite.
  • The tempo of the song was slow. Considering that the song is an exciting song, a much faster tempo would have been better.


Glory to Glory is a beautiful song. I enjoyed the song. On a scale of 10, I would rate the song a 7/10. You can download the song here or listen to it on Audiomack here.

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Jeplune Music starts Music Promotion services in Nigeria

Jeplune Music promotion services

In a bid to keep up with her vision to promote godly content in the media, Jeplune Music, today, launched a new arm for Music promotion services in Nigeria. A new facebook page, Naija CCM and CHH Music was created to this effect. We created this page as an arm of Jeplune Music to promote Contemporary Christian Music and Christian HipHop music by Nigerian artistes or bands.

According to the management, “we saw the need to do this because quite a number of the clients we have worked for, at Jeplune Music Studios, have asked for this service. And since it is part of the vision of the outfit, we thought it was time for us to ‘up our game’ and include music promotion services too”. This service is open to any Christian artiste or band in Nigeria.

We’ve also recently introduced a Songs of the week feature on our home page to further facilitate our music promotion services in Nigeria.

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