Seasons by Skiffy Kanees (Press Release)

Seasons - Skiffy Kanees


Super-talented Inspirational singer, Skiffy Kanees is set to release a new single, titled Seasons. This coming three years after the release of her last single, ‘Carry Me’ in 2020. She had unintentionally taken a break from releasing new music since then, though she had continued to perform at several live events.

For those who don’t know her, Skiffy Kanees is a very talented Nigerian singer and songwriter, known specifically for writing songs that encourage people who are going through tough times. A lot of her songs are inspired by her personal experiences and so it is easy for anyone to relate to the words. Coupled with her exceptional skill in songwriting and her beautiful voice, Skiffy’s songs are always a delight to listen to.

Seasons is not an exception. It is a song that reminds listeners that there are various seasons in life. There is time to walk, to run, and to fly. Skiffy Kanees encourages those who are going through a difficult times in their life to be patient because that season of their lives will someday be over. She featured the prestigious Lucase 2 in the song.

Talking about her inspiration for Seasons, Skiffy Kanees said,

“I wrote this song at time in my life when I was just going through the motions. I had just giving birth and was battling with post-partum depression. A lot of things were not working in my life. My music career seemed to be paused. But it was at that time that I realized that there is a season for everything. And seasons vary from person to person. Your time to shine may not be mine, and vice versa. The wisest thing for anyone to do is be patient and wait for your season, rather than keep getting anxious and worried about the things that are not yet working. Right now, that season of my life is over and I’m in another season. And I am grateful for the lessons I learnt during that season of my life.”

Seasons by Skiffy Kanees is slated to be released on the 2 nd of June, 2023. It would be available on major music streaming platforms. For more details about the release of Seasons, follow Skiffy Kanees on Facebook or Instagram. This press release would also be updated with the links for streaming the song when they are out.

UPDATE: Tap this link to listen to Seasons by Skiffy Kanees ft. Lucase2 on your preferred music platform.