Improve Your Songwriting Training Organised By Jeplune Music

Jeplune Music just concluded an 8-week comprehensive Songwriting training for Christian musicians within Jos, Nigeria. Specifically, we ran the training between October 6 th and November 24 th, 2023 and we tried to cover a lot about songwriting within that period. This was an effort to further improve the songwriting abilities of these musicians and hence improve Nigerian Christian music content generally.

You are aware that our vision at Jeplune Music is to combat the negative effects of media on young people by providing and promoting quality positive content. Part of the ways we do this is by training and educating musicians who produce content for young people. We already run the Christian Musicians’ Corner blog and Podcast which basically aims at helping Christian musicians become better. And this songwriting training is another step towards actualizing our vision.

Some of the Topics we covered during the training
  • What is Music?
  • Basic Music Theory
  • Introduction to Songwriting
  • Songwriting from a Christian Perspective
  • Writing The Lyrics
  • Writing The Music
  • Choosing A Song Title
  • Copyrighting and Licensing
  • Practicals
Why Songwriting?

We decided to focus on songwriting in this training for two main reasons. The first reason is that we are (obviously) passionate about the having quality positive content. The second reason is that we have noticed that songwriting is one aspect a lot of Nigerian Christian songs are lacking. We have a lot of skillfully produced songs with good choice of chord progressions and awesome vocal delivery, yet extremely poor songwriting. These were our main motivations for the training.

Now That The Training is Over, What Next?

First of all, we are still in touch with the participants of the training. Each of them has access to the trainer/ coach for continued guidance and mentoring with regards to songwriting.

Secondly, we intend to continue running this training at least once every year. So, you can expect another one next year, 2024. However, details about the specific time would be comuunicated to the public on our social media outlets.

But until then, here are a few pictures from this first edition of the training.

Watch the feedback from some of the participants our songwriting training