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After the Rain is a single by Skiffy. It was released on the 15th of May, 2020. The song has a total play time of 303 seconds (5 minutes 3 seconds). The genre of the music is a blend of Afro- Cuban music and Contemporary Christian Music.

General overview:

After The Rain is a calm, reflective song, though it also has the tendency to get you tapping your feet to the rhythm unconsciously as the song plays. The lyrics of the song and the melody are aimed at encouraging people who are downcast or feeling overwhelmed with life’s problems and giving them hope.

Strong points:

  • Great lyrical content. This is the strongest point of this song. After the rain is worded with deep, meaningful and relevant message. The message of the song is basically that tough times do not last forever and so anyone going through difficulties in life should hold on, have faith, and not give up because after the rain comes the rainbow. The lyrics of the song was also beautifully arranged such that it was pleasing to the ear.
  • Great Melody and composition. This is another strong point of this song. The melody of After the rain is beautiful and soothing, especially considering the audience the song was written for. The choice of chords was carefully done such that it just portrays the message of hope that the song is about. Also, there was dynamics in the composition of the song which makes it very interesting. Generally, the songwriting of this song was highly professional and beautiful.
  • Great vocal delivery. Skiffy did a great job with the vocals. Her voice depicted the message of the song completely as she sang. There was empathy in her voice as she sang the verses and yet you could hear hope in her voice as you listen to the chorus. I could say she is indeed a very talented singer.

 What could have been improved:

  • It seemed as though the song lacked body, maybe because Skiffy naturally has a ‘high- pitched’ voice. It would have been nice if some of the instruments were EQed in such a way that they would have some more weight at the low-mid or bass frequencies so as to balance the high frequency of Skiffy’s voice.


After the rain is a beautiful song skillfully written and professionally delivered. I enjoyed listening to it (I still do). On a scale of 1 – 10, I would score the song a 9/10.

You can download or listen to After the Rain for yourself here.


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  1. A beautiful review x-raying Skiffy’s song, ” After the Rain’. Had wished that the final key ending the song didn’t go so flat like it ended. I wanted it to have it end with a rather higher pitch than the flat key. What do you say?

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