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About Jeplune Music

Jeplune Music is a Nigerian music/ media outfit owned by Emmanuel and Lois Obiejemba. It was originally founded by Emmanuel in September, 2018. From its inception, Jeplune Music’s tagline, “…more than just music”, suggests that the company’s scope exceeds that of a record label.

Basically, the outfit focuses on providing, as well as promoting quality positive content in the media. By ‘positive’ we mean content that speak of hope, love, peace, contentment, forgiveness and grace, etc.

These content could be in the form of texts (news, articles, music reviews, press releases, etc), audio (songs and podcast), or video (lyric videos, etc).

Our Vision

To combat the negative effects of the media on young people. It has been ascertained that the media contributes greatly to the behaviour of young people. We believe that the same tools used to influence young people negatively, can be used to influence them positively as well.

Our Mission

To mentor, disciple and equip young talents with the resources they need to use their talents to influence others.

Our Goals & Objectives

1. To promote godly content in the media
2. To disciple/mentor young talents to influence their world
3. To create platforms/opportunities for young talents signed into Jeplune music label.
4. To partner with other Christian Media outfits to create a community of Christian young talents.

How it all started

Growing up, Emmanuel had always wanted to positively influence young people through music and the arts generally. This desire in his heart grew stronger as he saw more and more young people (especially teens) around him loose their sense of morals, as a result of the negative influence of media and entertainment. Being a musician, himself, he kept writing songs while nursing this dream in his heart. By mid-2018, he could no longer keep it to himself. Around that time, there was a trending phrase from the new ‘Nike’ advert which read, “just do it”. This phrase served as a major push for Emmanuel to pursue his life- long dream. Later on, he met Lois, who had a similar passion/ dream and after they got married in March, 2020, both of them became co-owners of the company.

In November, 2020, Jeplune Music Studios, an arm of Jeplune Music, was established to help generate part of the funds needed to run the company.

In March, 2022, the management of Jeplune Music announced that it has  started music promotion services too.