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Almasihu – Justus Istifanus (Press release)

Nigerian Gospel singer, Justus Istifanus has announced the release of his new single titled, Almasihu. This is coming after his last single, Ayeye in 2021. Almasihu is an Hausa word that literally translates ‘Messiah’.

Talking about the song and his inspiration for Almasihu, Justus Istifanus said,

“My inspiration for Almasihu came from Litaffin Wakoki Hymn 89. The first two stanzas of the hymn made me reflect deeply on the ordeal Christ had to go through just to show his love for us. Jesus had (and has) the power to destroy all the sinners in the world today, and make a new (perfect) people for His pleasure. It could have been as simple as a snap of a finger. But instead, he chose to identify with sin, just to get rid of sin. He took our Sin and gave us life. The words of the song lead me to many scriptures. Scriptural verses like Philippians 2:7 which shows us how he left his glorious throne and became a servant all for love. John 3:16 & 17, where God revealed himself as our only Hope and Messiah, an acted in a way that is not humanly comprehensible. Then there is John 14:6 which further points me to Jesus as the only Way to the father, the Truth and Life. All these, lead me to give praise to ALMASIHU (Messiah) because He deserves all the praise. He’s indeed a Messiah. Psalms 72: 19 says, ‘…let his glory subdue the whole earth’. The song speaks to me each time, and pushes me to meditate on this love we all didn’t deserve…”

Almasihu (Messiah) by Justus Istifanus is set to be released on the 14th of May 2022. You can follow Justus Istifanus on Facebook for more updates with regards to the release of the song.

UPDATE: Here is the link to download the song for free



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