Kazi, whose birth name is Iroakazi Nnamdi, is a Nigerian pastor, rapper and singer. He hails from Imo State, Nigeria and is a graduate of Mechanical Engineering. He is a believer in Christ, and the founding Pastor of The Perfecting House, Owerri, in Imo State, a church family committed to teaching and training believers to walk in all the fullness of their Identity and inheritance in Christ and effectively carry out the work of the ministry.

Kazi is very passionate about the Doctrine of Christ, and devotes time to studying and teaching the same, and raising men for Christ. And for him, Hip-hop is just another avenue to skillfully put out the word of Christ, and share a sound and biblical view to life, inspiring believers. This is the inspiration behind the Hashtag #doctrineonbeatz

His primary goal in music is to edify, enlighten, inspire and strengthen.

Kazi released his first gospel rap track, Sealed in 2018. He is currently working on an EP album

Heart of a soldier is his Latest single and was inspired from Paul’s admonition to Timothy in 2Timothy 2:3-4 where the minister is admonished to embrace the discipline and doggedness of a soldier.

He hopes that it inspires believers who love rap music as they listen.

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Instagram: nnamdi_iroakazi

Facebook page: @regenereatedkazi

Skiffy Kanees

Skiffy Kanees

Skiffy Kanees is a Nigerian based singer, song writer and voice-over artist. She was born in raised in plateau state. She hails from CrossRiver state. The name Skiffy was founded in 2009 in high school, experiences and circumstances birthed the name…

Skiffy is very passionate about music and believes that a lot of young people can impact the world with their art if given the platform and opportunity.

Her music genre comprises of soft rock, RnB,  soul and afro-jazz. She has been inspired by great artists such as Jamie Grace,Moriah Peters,Lauren Daigle, Tasha Cobbs, Zahara and many more.

Her music journey began way back in secondary school where she was a member and later a leader of a girls choir, she has worked with several artistes and worship leaders such as Pastor Obed Akanya of Atmosphere for worship, (A4W), Wordsmith and the Royal priesthood choir) and a few others.

In 2016, Skiffy Kanees dropped her first official single titled ‘’NDEN’’ under 21 days music. Later in 2017 she dropped a cover album titled, ‘’MY STORY MY SONG’’. In 2018, she dropped the original album, ‘’THRIVE’’ (all under 21 Days Music). She is currently working on several projects under Jeplune Music that would be released later in the year.

UPDATE: In 2020, she released two singles, After the rain and Carry me, under Jeplune Music.

Aside music, Skiffy Kanees is also an On air personality, teacher, a teens coach and mentor to several young adults.

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Spirit 3:6

Spirit 3:6

Spirit 3:6 is a Nigerian film music composer/ music producer, songwriter and occasional singer-rapper. He is the founder of Jeplune Music. Although born and raised in Anambra state, he hails from Imo State, Nigeria. He got the inspiration to choose the name Spirit 3:6 after reading from John 3:6.

Spirit 3:6 is very passionate and committed to the younger generation. He is concerned about the negative influence of the media on them and he believes strongly that music is a powerful tool that be used to change or shape culture/ worlviews and transform lives. This drive motivated him to start Jeplune Music in 2018. .

His style of music is a unique blend of film/ cinematic music, rock, and hip pop. This is undoubtedly a result of his vast musical influences from maestros like; Hans Zimmer, Daft Punk, RED, Switchfoot, Thousand Foot Krutch, Relient k, Tenth Avenue North, , Lecrae, Trip Lee, Da Truth, etc.

He began his music journey in 2013, as just a music artiste, with his debut single, ‘Father like a mother’. In 2015 his work, ‘My struggle with pride‘ was nominated for spoken word of the year at Jogama awards. In 2017, his song “Everything’s Alright” won the Jogama Awards for Fusion and style song of the year. His song Agbakwuruezurike was also nominated for the Jogama Awards in 2019. Over the years, he has written and co-written several songs, many of them still unpublished.

In 2020, Spirit 3:6 announced that he is gradually transitioning to a Film Music composer/ music producer. He did this by releasing a beat tape which he titled, Redefinition EP.


Father Like A Mother

My Struggle With Pride

Everything’s Alright ft. Nerat and Aizek


Redefinition EP

Sunday Afternoon

New Life ft. Skiffy Kanees

Apart from music, Spirit 3:6 is also a songwriting coach, teacher, and mentor to teenagers and young adults.

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