Improve Your Songwriting Training Organised By Jeplune Music

Jeplune Music just concluded an 8-week comprehensive Songwriting training for Christian musicians within Jos, Nigeria. Specifically, we ran the training between October 6 th and November 24 th, 2023 and we tried to cover a lot about songwriting within that period. This was an effort to further improve the songwriting abilities of these musicians and […]

Tsarguwa – Chapter5 Music


Highly energetic Nigerian Christian Rock band, Chapter5, has announced their new release, titled Tsarguwa (Paranoia Cover). This is coming two years after their last single ‘I Don Wake’ in 2021. Tsarguwa can be translated as Paranoia or Paranoid, which simply means a feeling of not being good enough. Talking about their inspiration for the song, […]

Lyrics & Meaning of New Life – Spirit 3:6 ft. Skiffy Kanees

New Life

New Life is the newest song by Spirit 3:6. It was released on 14th September, 2023. The song is a fictional story (with deeper meaning) about a guy who was born in a town that was under the control of a wicked king. The king made his subjects serve him like slaves and no one […]

Seasons by Skiffy Kanees (Press Release)

Seasons - Skiffy Kanees

  Super-talented Inspirational singer, Skiffy Kanees is set to release a new single, titled Seasons. This coming three years after the release of her last single, ‘Carry Me’ in 2020. She had unintentionally taken a break from releasing new music since then, though she had continued to perform at several live events. Listen to Seasons by Skiffy […]

Yahweh – Grace Lokwa Ft Prinx Emmanuel (lyrics & meaning)

Kumama Album- Grace Lokwa

This translation of Yahweh – Grace Lokwa was done by Nicholas Okereke and Richard Chiabuotu Vocabulary: The verb “kosala” means to do, to work, to act etc “Sala” is the imperative for of the verb. The 1st Chorus of this song, Yahweh by Grace Lokwa is a popular Lingala “worship” song in the DR Congo. […]

Immortality – BK ft. Brief Illneiss

Immortality - BK

Immortality is a song by highly talented Nigerian Christian HipHop artist, BK featuring Brief Illneiss. The song reminds believers in this world of pain and temptations that in eternity, immortality will swallow up mortality. And so, despite the (spiritual and mind) battles we fight here on earth, it will all be over one day. Talking […]

Heartsease – Amo Lasisi (Press release)

Heartsease - Amo

Nigerian Christian Contemporary Music singer and songwriter, Amo Lasisi has announced the release of his debut single, Heartsease. The title, Heartsease is a figurative translation of an Hausa phrase ‘Dadi na’. The song basically reminds Christians that God is enough for us. Amo Lasisi is a very talented singer and songwriter. He has been featured […]

Throne – Vocals of Grace NG (Press release)


A new Nigerian Gospel music group, Vocals of Grace NG has announced the release of their debut single titled, Throne. Vocals of Grace NG is a Christian music group consisting of young talented believers. Throne, which is their first release, is a song of worship to God. Speaking about the inspiration for Throne, the spokesperson […]

Almasihu – Justus Istifanus (Press release)

Almasihu - Justus Istifanus

Nigerian Gospel singer, Justus Istifanus has announced the release of his new single titled, Almasihu. This is coming after his last single, Ayeye in 2021. Almasihu is an Hausa word that literally translates ‘Messiah’. Talking about the song and his inspiration for Almasihu, Justus Istifanus said, “My inspiration for Almasihu came from Litaffin Wakoki Hymn […]