Skiffy set to drop new single, Carry Me

carry me

Inspirational singer, Skiffy, is set release another single titled, Carry Me. This is her second single as an artist under Jeplune Music and she is equally excited about it as she was with her first. She says Carry Me is more than just a song, in her words,

 “it’s an earnest prayer for help, inspired by my experiences in the past couple of months. We live in very difficult times and more than ever, we need help. As the Bible says in Zech. 4:6, we need to depend on the One whose strength can be made manifest in our weaknesses; the only One who helps us live and thrive in this fallen world and who can keep us until that day, when Jesus comes to take his children home… I call on you today to lay it all at the alter of redemption. Bless you ❤️”

Asides the rich depth of the lyrics in the song, Carry Me also has the touch of legendary producer, OluwaDrumma. This combination of deep lyrics, awesome production and wonderful voice delivery makes listening to the song an experience no one would ever forget in a hurry.

Carry Me is set to be released this Friday, 16th October, 2020 by 12noon WAT.

UPDATE: You can listen or download Carry me for free here.

Skiffy launches her podcast

Skiffy's TAP Podcast

Inspirational singer, Skiffy is set to begin a bi-weekly podcast. She calls it Skiffy’s TAP (Talk And Ponder). She says, the podcast is an expression of her heart to the world; she seeks to address issues we face in our lives and in the world. In her words,

 “Skiffy’s TAP is a deliberate podcast made to inform, educate and edify the listeners. And on Skiffy’s TAP, every listener is important and every opinion/ contribution would be accepted gladly.”

The first episode of the podcast (Death Mysteries 1) would be on Sunday, 20th September, 2020 and you would be able to listen to it and subsequent ones here

Redefinition EP; Album Art and Tracklist

Redefinition EP

Finally, we are glad to announce the release date and tracklist for spirit 3:6’s  Redefinition EP [Read more about Redefinition EP here]. It is set to be released on the 17th of July, 2020.

The EP features six tracks with one additional bonus track, all instrumental music. All the tracks were composed and produced by Spirit 3:6.

Here is the tracklist for the Redefinition EP as well as the official album art. Each of the tracks has a story behind the title given to them.

Spirit 3:6 Announces Release Of Redefinition EP

Redefinition EP

Award winning music producer and singer-rapper, Spirit 3:6, has finally announced the release of his debut EP, titled “Redefinition”. This EP means more to him than just a release.

The burden to release the EP came at a point in his life when he was re-defining himself, his career, and his motives. In his exact words,

“The Redefinition EP stands for so many things in my life:

First, I’m redefining my motive of doing music. The motivation for releasing this EP became strong after an encounter I had during a personal fasting and prayer. I repented from doing music with a wrong motive and decided to go back to the original mission, which was to bombard the media with so much positive content in order to fight the negative influence on young people.

Secondly, I’m re-defining myself and my art, from a music artiste and partial music producer to a music producer and a partial music artiste. This is because I recently realized that my major strength in music is music production, not singing.

Finally, I’m redefining (more like re-establishing) my commitment to my faith as a Christian. No more confusion as to whether to be labeled a Christian artist or just an artist. I am a Christian and my faith is reflected in my art.”

More details about the Redefinition EP release, such as release date, cover art, track listing, etc would be communicated to the public shortly. Meanwhile you can follow Spirit 3:6 on Facebook for updates.

UPDATE: Here is the link to download the Redefinition EP for free.

Or you can stream the tracks on soundcloud.


Skiffy- After The Rain [Press Release]

Skiffy- after the rain

Inspirational singer, Skiffy Kanees, is back with a new single, titled  After The Rain . This is her  first release under Jeplune Music and she’s so excited about it , considering also that it is the first song she is putting out after her Thrive Album in 2018.

According to Skiffy , After the rain was inspired by her realization that a lot of people hurt from a lot of crazy things (big and little, alike)and so she wrote the song to bring hope to such people.

In her exact words, she said,

“ these days, we see that there are a lot of reasons to give up than move on. But you see, ever y season, like the rain, will come and go. So just press on, have faith, keep hope alive. There’s a rainbow just after the rain.”

Skiffy’s After the rain is set to be released on Friday 15th May, 2020.

UPDATE: You can download or listen to After the rain by Skiffy for free, here.


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