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Bani Rai Album by Bali Davou (Press Release)

Nigerian Christian Rock singer, Bali Davou has announced the release of his debut album, Bani Rai. “Bani Rai” is an Hausa expression which literally translates “give me life” in English.

Bali Davou is a Nigerian Christian Rock singer and songwriter. He has been doing music for over a decade. His love and passion for music drove him to seek for deeper knowledge in music and ministry. After eighteen years of doing music, Bali Davou is finally ready to release his debut album. Bani Rai Album is a 10 track album packed with great songs with deep lyrics and beautiful melodies. The genre of the album is basically Christian Rock; only one of the tracks is a traditional pop song. All the songs in the album were written and performed by Bali Davou.

Talking about Bani Rai Album, Bali Davou said,

“Bani Rai Album is an album I have been working on for more than a decade now. The Album is made up of 10 songs. It’s my life story embedded in different songs. This whole album is talking about my salvation”.

With respect to the album release, Bali Davou released the first single off the album on the 17th of April, 2022. The track is titled, Dogara ga Sunan Yesu. You can download Dogara ga Sunan Yesu on Kr8 radio for free.

I had the privilege to chat a little with Bali about his upcoming album and the single he just released. Here is our chat:

Spirit: You’ve been doing music for more than a decade now. What motivated you to release an album at this time?

Bali Davou: I have been practicing music as a profession for 18 years now and in these 18 years, I have written a lot of good songs. Sometimes, I perform them in concerts and churches. But with a lot of persuasion from my wife, friends and colleagues, I finally decided to record and bring the Bani Rai Album to life.

Spirit: Awesome! So, what does the album mean to you; how do the songs affect you as a person?

Bali Davou: It means a lot to me personally. The entire Bani Rai Album is birthed out of my personal encounter with Jesus. Each time I listen to the songs, it reminds me of where I am coming from and where I am going to.

Spirit: Now you just released one song from the album, Dogara ga Sunan Yesu. Can you share a little story behind the song?

Bali Davou: Last year 2021 was a turbulent year for my family as we lost 7 close relatives. And so, as I was preparing for my Wife’s Grand father’s funeral, I was asked to sing that hymn (Dogara ga Sunan Yesu). I decided to give it a different touch so people won’t feel sad because of the tragedies that bedeviled the family. And that’s how the song was born.

Spirit: Thank you very much, Bali.


Bani Rai Album is set to be released on the 15th of May, 2022. You can follow Bali Davou on Facebook for updates about the album release.

UPDATE: You can now stream Bani Rai album  using this link.



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