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Confession by Cypzy featuring AlphaBaze (Song Review)

This review is for Confession by Cypzy featuring AlphaBaze. It was released on the 26th day of January, 2022. The song has a total play time of 208 seconds (3 minutes 28 seconds). The genre of the song is Christian Hip hop.

General overview:

Confession is a song to get you to sit and reflect on the lyrics. People who struggle with their identity and accepting that they’ve been forgiven would definitely relate to the lyrics of the song. It is not the kind of song you can dance to.

Strong points:

  • Great vocal delivery. One of the strongest points of this song is the vocal delivery of Cypzy and AlphaBaze. Cypzy’s delivery of his confession in the verses was on point; you could hear the emotion in his voice and that’s very commendable. AlphaBaze really took the song to a whole new level with the hook and the chorus. I completely fell in love with the song when I heard the chorus after the second verse.
  • Great production. Next to the vocal delivery is the production of the song. It very skillfully done. The producer’s choice of instruments was very good. The manner in which the tension of the song gradually rose from just one keyboard (in verse one) to full instrumentation (in the chorus) was also apt. I really love the production of this song.
  • Relevant message. The song is basically a confession of someone who had derailed in the past, but who is trying to retrace his steps back to God. People struggle to accept the fact that he is truly repentant, but he knows he’s been forgiven by God. Like I mentioned in the general overview, people who, like the prodigal son, has lost their way and people who struggle with accepting that God has forgiven them of their past would definitely relate to the lyrics of this song.

What could have been improved:

It would have been nice if the song had a third verse or bridge after the hook and in that verse talk clearly about God’s forgiveness and the truth that there is no sinful past that God can’t forgive. That would have helped drive home the message of the song.


Confession by Cypzy featuring AlphaBaze is a beautiful song. I enjoyed listening to it. On a scale of 1- 10, I will score it 9/10.

You can download/ listen to Confession by Cypzy here. You can also read other song reviews I’ve done here.



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    • You’re welcome sir. You guys really did a good job. Keep up the good work.

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