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Daddy You Too Much by Judikay (song review)

This review is for ‘Daddy You Too Much’, a gospel song by Nigerian Gospel singer, Judikay. The song was released on the 17th of December, 2021. It has a total play time of 366 seconds (6 minutes 6 seconds). The genre of the song is Contemporary Christian Music with a little of the ‘Naija’ Afro pop flavour.

General Overview:

‘Daddy you too much’ is the kind of song that could be sang in church, during a service, as a praise song. It is easy to sing along and it is also danceable. Add that to the fact that it contains Biblical truth and you see why I said it would perfectly fit as a praise song in Church.

Strong points

  • Beautiful production and mix. The production is the song was sweet. The choice of instruments were great. There was this sweet blend of virtual instruments and some live instruments. And it was pleasing to the ear. I particularly enjoyed the bass line of the song. The mixing was superb. Despite the fact that there were many instruments and voices, there was still clarity and balance in the mix. Everything was well panned across the stereo space.
  • Great back up singers. The backing vocalists were talented. The harmony in their voices was heavenly. I dare to say that the backing vocalists made the song what it is. They were very professional and I enjoyed listening to them.
  • Sound Biblical content. This is another great plus for this song. The song praises God for his goodness and inexplicable love. Judikay tried to mention a few of the wonderful things God has done for those who are in Christ, one of which is the fact that He has won the victory over sin and the world on their behalf.

What could have been improved

  • The drum fills were too frequent. At some point in the song I got completely tired of hearing the toms because of how frequent they were played. Drum fills are great but when they are too frequent they start to be a nuisance.
  • Judikay was screaming in way that was unnecessary for the song. I understand that that’s her own style of singing, but for this song, the screaming didn’t quite fit. I wish she had continued with the calmness with which she sang the first verse of the song, or just raise the volume a little. But the screaming was just too much, and in my opinion, it was unnecessary.
  • The repetition of “I will sing…thank you” and “I will shout…” was too much. It lasted for 118 seconds non- stop (that’s about one-third of the song) and yet it was repeated for another 32 seconds at the end of the song. At some point, after the first 70 seconds of singing those phrases, I got tired of hearing it. It would have been okay, if I was hearing it in a live performance, but for a recorded piece, it was too much.


‘Daddy you too much’ is a beautiful song; Judikay and her team did a great job. I enjoyed listening to the song and for sure, I danced. On a scale of 1-10, I would give the song 8/10.

You can listen to ‘Daddy You Too Much’ by Judikay on Deezer .

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    • Hi Mandul,thank you so much for the feedback.

  1. Truly, this a work well done!
    You should be handsomely renumerated for this review sir!
    Please, keep this up! It helps us who are coming learn how to be deliberate in what we record and put out.
    Thank you so much!

    • Hi Silas, thanks a lot for the feedback.??

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