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Free press releases

We’re offering to publish free press releases for upcoming music releases on our site. This offer however is only for songs with positive messages.

One the ways to create buzz for an upcoming music release, whether it is a single, EP or album, is to have a music site write a press release for it. A well crafted press release is done in such a way that fans begin to highly anticipate the music release after reading it. This is what we are offering to do for free.

The decision to start offering free press releases for upcoming releases is in line with our vision at Jeplune Music. Our vision is to provide and promote quality godly content in the media. We want to, as much as possible, promote songs with positive messages. And considering that some artists might not be able to pay for massive promotion, we’re offering this service free.

Terms and conditions:

Even though this service is completely free, there are, however, some terms and conditions that must be met:

  1. The song(s) must have a positive message. We will not publish press release for songs that contain derogatory languages, vulgar terms or portray messages that are against our core beliefs.
  2. The song(s) must be submitted at least 15 days to the release date. Even if the final mastered copy is not ready by then, we would need to hear the song so as to be able to accurately craft a press release for it. So, you can send a rough mix of the song.
  3. We only accept to publish free press releases for original songs. We will not publish a press release for a cover song.

How to access this offer

Very simple. To get free press releases for your upcoming music releases send an email to The title of the email should be “FREE PRESS RELEASE”. Attach :

  • an mp3 of the song,
  • the cover art if available,
  • the intended release date.
  • and what inspired you to write the song

Also indicate the name of the producer, artists featured (if any) and any other detail that might be necesary. For EPs or albums, include tracklist for the album.

Alternatively, you can send the details on Whatsapp to +2348064622002




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