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Grace Lokwa & Moses Bliss will be in Jos for The Grace Experience 2022

Grace Lokwa & Moses Bliss, alongside many great gospel ministers, will be live in Jos at this year’s The Grace Experience.

The Grace Experience is a yearly event convened by Ejidike Ugochukwu, also known as Minstrel Jid. It has been held every year in the city of Jos since 2018. This year’s event is the 5th edition of The Grace Experience. It has been tagged, ‘Repentance’. There is a long list of anointed ministers that would be ministering this year. They include: Dr. Panam Percy Paul, Godstime Okorie, Grace Lokwa (from Congo), Minstrel Jid, Moses Bliss, Pst. Benson Ogbe, TGE minstrels, and many more. The event is scheduled to hold on the 24th of April, 2022 at Tamarald Events and Suites, Jib Junction, off Old Airport road, Jos.

Minstrel Jid is a gospel music minister, an entrepreneur, project manager, director of Pocie Agro-market, and convener of the Grace Experience. I had the privilege to talk with Minstrel Jid about The Grace Experience. Here’s our brief chat:

Spirit: How did the vision for The Grace Experience come about?

Minstrel Jid: I would say it was entirely divine. I got the name in my dream and woke up with it in my mouth. You need to understand God speaks to me a lot through dreams. It took me a whole year before launching out completely because I needed clarity from God. I prayed and waited to receive precise instructions from God. That was when it hit me that our walk with God begins with Grace, is sustained by Grace, and ends with Grace. I developed a strong passion for the lost and for reconciling men back to God. At some point, I wanted to remove ‘the’ and just leave the name as ‘Grace Experience’, but the Holy Spirit rebuked me and I listened. One of the revelations that came to me concerning The Grace Experience is that grace has a name, and his name is Jesus. So, in other words, you can call it, The Jesus Experience. So, we gather people to come experience Jesus for themselves, just like the woman by the well (in John chapter 4) went to gather people to meet the Jesus she had just experienced.

Spirit: I know it takes a lot resources to host events like the Grace experience. What is your motivation for hosting this event every year, despite the huge cost?

Minstrel Jid: Yeah, you are right, it really requires a lot of resources. And if it were for me, I would have stopped. But I’m certain about the vision that God gave me. My main motivation, however, is the huge number of people whose lives get impacted for Christ. Then there are people who get inspired by what we do and are encouraged to follow the visions God gave them. Another motivation is the testimonies arising from the Grace Experience that we hear afterwards. Testimonies of salvation, of instant healings, of great miracles, etc.

Spirit: The theme for this year’s event is “Repentance”, can you shed more light on this?

Minstrel Jid: A lot of Church folks have painted Repentance in a way that is not healthy. Repentance is for both the unbelievers and the believers. In 2 Chronicles 7:14, the Bible says, “if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves…”. That phrase, “my people” talks about believers. One thing the Father never despises is a broken heart and a contrite spirit. The fact that when a man falls, he has an opportunity to have a change of mind, repent and turn back to the Father, is one of the privileges of salvation. And for the believer, sanctification is a life- long journey. For the believer, repentance is a life style. This is because every time we go to God, and He shines his light on us, we see something in us that is not of Him. The right response to that is repentance. So, every believer needs repentance. We need to go beyond just church attendance to genuine repentance. And the proof of genuine repentance is a changed life. Due to the fact that the church has painted repentance in a bad way, some believers fall and find it difficult to turn back to the Father. So, what we are doing this year at The Grace Experience is to accentuate the need that every believer should embrace repentance, knowing that it is a gift.

“We need to go beyond just church attendance to genuine repentance. And the proof of genuine repentance is a changed life.”

Spirit: What should we expect this year?

Minstrel Jid: This year, by the mercy of God, we will be experiencing palpable presence of God, such that will bring about a change in the lives of everyone that attends. God’s presence will bring about genuine brokenness and repentance. The believer embraces repentance as gift and then the unsaved embraces repentance as a requirement for salvation.

You have heard it ‘from the horse’ mouth’, at The Grace Experience 2022, “the presence of God will bring about a change in the lives of everyone that attends”. You can follow Minstrel Jid on facebook for details about The Grace Experience 2022.



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