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This review is for Heart Of A Soldier by Christian rapper and Pastor, Kazi. The song was released on the 29th of October, 2021. It has a total play time of 220 seconds (3 minutes 40 seconds). The genre of the song is Christian Hip hop.

General overview:

Heart of a soldier is the kind of the song that would easily get your attention once it starts playing. It has this bold and “in your face” kind of feel. If you’re a hip hop head, then you’ll most likely fall in love with the song. The tempo is fast enough for someone to be able to dance to it.

Strong points:

  • Relevant message. Being a pastor, Kazi passes across deep scriptural truths, as usual, using this song. The song reminds believers that they are Soldiers of Christ here on earth and this has two implications; (1) they cannot afford to live like ordinary men without purpose (2) they have what it takes to wrestle with and resist the forces of darkness.
  • Awesome production. Another strong point of this song is the production. It’s bold, daring and beautiful. The production helped to pass the message of the song. I particularly loved the energy of the 808s and how they were beautifully used in the song. The mix was also very good. It’s not easy to have very loud 808s and still maintain a clear mix. I really must commend whoever mixed this song.
  • Great vocal delivery. The boldness with which Kazi passed across the message of the song was on point. Considering that the song dares believers to fight the good fight of faith, it was necessary that the vocal delivery be strong and Kazi did justice to that.

What could have been improved:

There was no dynamics in the song. The entire was made up of two chords and that progression was repeated from beginning to the end. Though the song was not boring because the message was relevant and enriching, yet I wish there was a little change (maybe in the chords or something) at some point in the song to create dynamics.


Heart of a soldier by Kazi is a beautiful song with a relevant message. I loved the creativity in adding a native language (Igbo) to the rap verses. And I really love the production. On a scale of 1-10, I would score this song 9/10. You can download the song here or watch the lyric video here.

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