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Jeplune Music introduces Songs of the week

As part of our effort to promote Godly content, we have introduced a new songs of the week feature on our home page. The songs of the week would be changed every Sunday to reflect recent releases.

Basically, the idea is that 3 songs would be selected from the Christian Contemporay music or Christian Hip pop music released by Nigerian artists each week. The selection would be based on the relevance of the message delivered in each song and the melody.

Terms and conditions

For a song to qualify to be among the songs of the week, the following conditions have to be met.

  1. The song must have a positive message. Our vision at Jeplune Music is to promote more positive content in the media.
  2. The song must be within 2 weeks of it’s release. We will not accept songs that have been released for more than 2 weeks. The only exception to this rule is when we find that the message of the song is extremely relevant.
  3. Information about the song, including the streaming/ download links has to be on our site. This information would be hosted under New Releases. However, a small token of N1,000 has to be paid by the artist in order for information about the song to be on the site.

Note that New Releases is quite different from Free Downloads.

What’s the difference between Free Downloads and New Releases

Free Download is one of our pages that contain songs which you could download directly from Jeplune Music. The artists must have submitted to song to us before it’s release and indicated that they would want the songs to be downloaded free.

New releases on the other hand, is page that contains information about a newly released song. The information includes, the artist, release date, a little about the message of the song and streaming/ download links to the song. Songs on new releases do not necessarily have to be available on for download.

How do I submit my song for song of the week?

Simple. Just send an email to with title of email as ‘SONG OF THE WEEK SUBMISSION’. Attach an mp3 of the song and the artwork. Also add information like the release date, artists featured (if any), producer, and what inspired the song.

Note that whether or not your song qualifies for the song of the week, as long you’ve submitted it and paid the N1,000 token, it will definitely be on the New Releases page. The songs of the week would however be selected from among the submissions for the week. And only 3 songs would be selected per week.



  1. Great work and innovation sir!

      • You’re doing marvellously great. Keep up the good work.

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