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Mr Politician – Silas Aduma (Song review)

Mr. Politician is a song by Nigerian Gospel music singer and songwriter, Silas Aduma. He originally  released the song on the 4th of November, 2018. The song has a total play time of 255 seconds (4 minutes 15 seconds) and can be classified under the genre of Christian Contemporary Music.

General Overview:

Mr Politician is the kind of song that gets you to sit and reflect on the lyrics. The song is basically a wake-up call to politicians (and everyone in general), that political positions are not for amassing wealth for the leaders and their families. Rather, those in political offices should use those positions to seek ways to improve the lives of the people.

Strong Points:

  • Relevant message. This is the strongest point of this song. Mr Politican’s  message to both politicians in power and aspirants of the various political offices isvery relevant. The message of the song is clear and easy to understand. Silas Aduma did well in using simple words to convey his message in Mr Politician.
  • Beautiful song composition. Another strong point of Mr Politician by Silas Aduma is how well the song was composed. The melody of the song is beautiful. The choice of the chords used was soothing for the message of the song and absolutely commendable. There were dynamics throughout the song; the melody change from verse to chorus was beautiful. I especially enjoyed the complete change in the chords at the bridge.
  • Good Production. The production of the song was also beautifully done. I commend the choice of instruments used by the producer. The slight use of strings added to the emotions of the strong. The creativity of the producer in creating dynamics between the verses and the chorus, despite having the same chord progression is also commendable.
  • Great backing vocals. The backing vocals did a great job.

What could have been improved:

  • Mr Politician would have been much better if Silas Aduma had featured someone else to do the second verse, as well as the adlips in the chorus and the bridge.


Mr Politician by Silas Aduma is a beautiful song. I enjoyed listening to it. On a scale of 1-10, I would rate the song 7/10. You can listen to the song for yourself on Soundcloud or download it free on Jeplune Music.   You can also watch the lyrics video for the song on YouTube.




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