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Today, I feel strongly in my heart to just encourage you; please don’t give up. This wasn’t the topic I originally planned to write on this week, but I felt, this morning, that someone needs to hear this today.

We live in very difficult times. The news we hear everyday is depressing. So much insecurity, and uncertainty in the air. People are just struggling to survive. So many people live on just one meal per day and even that one meal is a big struggle. Musicians are not left out of this struggle too.

In fact, despite all of these common struggles, musicians still have to deal with writing meaningful songs, putting the words into beautiful melody, paying for studio sessions to record their songs, promoting the songs, etc. Someone could put in these amount of work, yet their efforts might not even be noticed, let alone appreciated. This is enough reason to get you discouraged as a musician. You ask yourself, “is it worth the troubles? Does anyone really care whether or not I do music? Is anyone even listening to me?”

This is a situation I recently found myself in. I was asking myself those questions and I felt like giving up. Then it dawned on me that there might be other musicians out there who might be feeling the same way, right now. And that they need someone to encourage them.

You see, the truth is that you have a message to share to the world. It might seem as though nobody is listening to you and your work is not appreciated, but trust me, someone out there needs to hear your message. So please, don’t give up. Pick up your pen and paper and write that song in your head. Sing it to your friends and family members. If you get invited to sing anywhere, sing those songs. Yes, you might not have money for another studio session right now, but don’t let that stop you. Record yourself singing, with your phone camera, and post it on social media. Keep on doing the good work you are doing and don’t give up. In the end, you’ll realise that it was all worth it.

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