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Last week we looked at Song Artwork, and I promised you guys that today, we’ll look at how to design your song artwork yourself on Canva. This article was written by the C.E.O of Katapult Global Consulting Limited, a design company in Nigeria. I thought it important to learn design from a professional. The next words you’ll read from this point are his.

It is no secret that design is no longer limited to some selected few in our time. Easy-to-use digital software and platforms have levelled the playing field that anyone with a little learning and consistency cab leverage on the immense power of these platforms to craft great designs.

One of such platforms is Canva, the leading online design platform for beginners, Do-It-Yourselfers and small businesses. Canva excels in crafting unique and visual-compelling templates that anyone can turn around in a matter of minutes and not hours. Canva excels when we talk about speed.

Canva for Music Artists

Canva has templates for almost anything or field you can think of. So, Music is a broad field that has been captured in the workings of Canva. So, your song artwork is 99% done for you, if I may say. It’s as simple as searching for a template of any related song artwork and replace the title and image. Voila! Download and start sharing your song artwork.

How exactly do you go about using Canva for your Song Artwork?

I will share 5 easy steps to get started with your first Song artwork on canva. Irrespective of your level of graphics design mastery, you can easily find your way around Canva. Here are my five steps. Let’s go:

  1. Visit Canva website and Sign Up

Since Canva is not an offline software you can download and install on your laptop or desktop, you only use it online. So, power up your internet connection and use your browser to visit Canva.

It will require that you sign up as a new user or login if you have registered there before. Your signing up grants you the access to use thousands of templates available on the site. So, you have to sign up/login to use Canva.

  1. Search for and choose a suitable template

Now that you are in your design space, you will find a search bar that returns anything you search for. Go ahead and search for ‘album cover’, song artwork, or anything related to what you have in mind. Definitely, there will be quite a lot of templates available for you. Click on your preferred template.

  1. Customize the Template

Start replacing the template with appropriate photos and text. Please note that some of the templates are not free to use. You subscribe to a premium plan in order to access and use them. This step is where you need all your design skills on the table.

  1. Download the finished Work

Once you have designed to your taste, it is time to own your design. But before that, let’s be sure we are good to go on the design. Tweak and re-tweak if you need to. After that, click on the button ‘Download’ and select JPEG or PNG. That’s all. Your song artwork is now on your device and ready to use now.

  1. Share everywhere!

This last step is very crucial. It doesn’t matter how good and solid your design is, if you don’t share it to relevant platforms, it’s as good as you don’t start at all. Share everywhere and let your fans start downloading your song.


Now, I strongly believe that you are on a good path to getting a very beautiful song arwork for your new release.

However, for an advanced design with many features, you will need the help of a professional designer. That, my friend, is very important. Engage the service of a professional designer if you’re not sure of the output you get or do not like what you designed.

For such professional design service, contact katapult Designs today.