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I started writing on this series of Songwriting tips for musicians in the 21st century last year and I’ve given out quite a number of helpful tips. By the way, since this is my first article on Musicians Corner for 2022, I would like to say happy new year to you all.  Today, I’m going to wrap up this series that I started last year with one last tip.

Collaborate with others

I can’t overemphasize how helpful this tip is. There’s no way you can do everything by yourself every time. I believe we were created to be dependent on each other and this also applies to songwriting. There are times when you have a central theme/ idea that you would like to write a song about, and you probably have started, but somehow, you find that you are stuck and can’t make headway. And even after days (or maybe months) of having writer’s block, you still can’t seem to be able to finish the song. The best thing for you to do is look for another artist to collaborate with in writing the song. You know that saying that “two heads are better than one”? That’s true.

Collaboration doesn’t always have to be when you’re having writer’s block though. You could collaborate with another artist for the sake of the flavour their verse/ voice would add to your song. Every artist has a style and uniqueness in writing/ composing; when you collaborate with any artist, they add their uniqueness to your song.

Another good reason to collaborate is when you want to have a blend of two genres in your song. Say for instance, you’re a hip pop artist and you want a blend of hip pop and rock in your song. You could collaborate with a rock band or a solo rock artist to make beautiful music.

Some people collaborate with artists more popular than they are just for the singular purpose of using the other artist’s influence to gain a wider audience/ fanbase, but that is not part of our focus today. Our focus is on the songwriting. Collaborating with other artists can help you write better songs.

With this, I can say I have concluded my series on songwriting tips for musicians in the 21st century. Do well to read other articles in this series, especially the third one (smiles).


By the way, I have started doing song reviews for both published songs and songs that are yet to be published. The reviews could be private (for your consumption only) or it could be published on our site. If you’re interested to get your songs reviewed. Send an email to and attach an mp3 of the song to be reviewed. Also state if you would like a private review or if you would want it published. Here are some song reviews I’ve published.

Also feel free to reach out to me on topics you would like me to write on this year. Have a great year ahead.


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