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Today, I’m going to show you three important things you probably ignore while uploading YouTube videos. One of the services we offer, at Jeplune Music Studios, is lyric videos for music artists. But over time, I observed, as I check the YouTube links that some of our clients share after we make videos them, that most of them ignore some very important details while uploading. This is why I decided to dedicate today’s article to educate you guys on this. I also made a video to demonstrate this, you can watch the video below

  1. Title

Even though this should be very obvious, but some of you upload videos and leave the title the same as the title the video editor gave the video while rendering. This is a very bad practice. Your title is the major thing people see when you share links for them to go watch the video. Video editors do not owe it to you to name/title your videos. So, the first thing you should do as soon as upload starts is to edit the title to what you want it to be.

  1. Description

A lot of artists upload videos without a proper description, some without any description at all. This is also wrong. Your description is what people see under the title of your video. It is what would determine whether or not they would click on that link to watch the video. So, make sure you adequately describe your video. It doesn’t have to be too long, but it should adequately describe the content of the video.

  1. Thumbnails

I see a lot of people allow YouTube to automatically select the Thumbnails for their videos. This is also not professional. Usually, YouTube would generate three picture frames from within your video to choose from. Make sure you select the one that most accurately describes the remaining content of your video. Alternatively, you could upload your own custom image and use as Thumbnail for the video. This could be your best option, especially if the ones automatically generated by YouTube do not accurately represent your video.


The good news is that now that you know these things, you can still go back to your previously uploaded videos and edit these details to reflect the video more accurately. They don’t have to remain the way they are now, looking very unprofessional.

So that’s it. Those are important things which I’ve seen a lot of artists ignore while uploading videos on YouTube. I hope you have learnt something new today. Let me know, in the comments below, which of these you have been ignoring for a while now. You can also read some of my previous articles on Musicians’ Corner.