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Today, I’m not writing any article, I just want to tell you that you’re not worthless. And no, this not one of those motivational speeches either.

I know sometimes, you ask yourself, “does anyone even value the things I’m putting out?” Is it worth the efforts I put in? If I quit right now, would anything go wrong? Is my music (or whatever content I put out) even important? Does it impact anyone positively? Am I even worth anything to anyone?

I know these questions bug your mind from time to time and you wish you had the answers. I know when these thoughts come, you sometimes feel worthless and you feel like giving up. How do I know all these? Because I feel the same way too. In fact, as I write these words right now, that’s exactly how I feel.

Today, I just want to tell you that you’re not worthless. You might not have found your (rightful) audience yet. The people within your current circle might not appreciate what you do. It might seem as if nobody needs to hear you or no one cares about what you do. But don’t let those thoughts or realities cripple you. Someday, you will find your audience and they would appreciate you. Someday, you will hear testimonies of people you positively affected their lives through the things you’re currently doing. In the meanwhile, keep up the good work you’re already doing.

I learnt something from David today. In 1Samuel 30:6, when everyone around turned against him, he found strength in God and encouraged himself. So, if everyone around you turns against you, or care less about what you do, find strength in your God and encourage yourself. You’re not worthless.

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