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“Oh yah yah yah” by Lawrence Ibrahim ft. Zack Silva & Degeneral (Song review)

This review is for a song titled “Oh yah yah yah” by Lawrence Ibrahim featuring multi-talented rapper and poet, Degeneral and Zack Silva. The song was released on the 23rd of January, 2022. It has a total play time of 223 seconds (3 minutes 23 seconds). The genre of the song is Christian Hip pop.

General overview:

“Oh yah yah yah” is a song of praise to God. Though it’s not the kind of song you can dance to because the tempo is slow, but it will definitely get you nodding your head. It gives you that feel of victory, hope, and excitement, especially if you are a Christian. Personally, I think it would be perfect as theme music or end credits for Christian movie with a message of victory for the believer.

Strong points:

  • Beautiful melody. The melody of this song is it’s strongest point. I could play this song over and over and not get tired of listening to it. It’s just so beautiful. I love it. (Don’t blame me, I’m a composer).
  • Great production. Next to the melody of the song, the production is the second strongest point of the song. The choice of instruments were creative. If the wrong instruments were used for this melody, it would have ended up sounding very emotional and moody, but the producer’s choice was really creative. Also, I love the way the tension in the song builds up gradually, and consistently, from the intro to the second chorus. It created dynamics in the song. It also gives the impression of moving from a tough situation to victory at last (which is why I will totally recommend this song for a movie’s theme music). I must commend the producer of this song.
  • Relevant message. The message of the song is simple, yet relevant; God alone is worthy of praise. And our experiences or the struggles we go through personally does not change that truth.
  • The artists featured, Zack Silva and Degeneral added their own spice to the song in a beautiful way.
  • Excellent vocal delivery. Everyone on this track, Lawrence Ibrahim, Zack Silva and Degeneral did a great job with their vocal delivery.


What could have been improved:

  • The song title did not do justice to the message of the song at all. Honestly, the only reason I decided to listen to the song in the first place was because I knew one of the artists personally. It was only when I listened that I realized the song was more than the title. I feel a better and more appealing title should have given to the song. The title doesn’t even have to be a line in the song.
  • I didn’t quite like the way Degeneral’s verse ended. I appreciate the creativity in sharing what looked like an honest confession of someone struggling to see reasons to praise God, but I wish he ended the verse on a positive note (that God still deserves praise despite his experiences).


“Oh yah yah yah” by Lawrence Ibrahim is a beautiful song. I love it. I had played it repeatedly for more than 3hrs before I decided to review it and I enjoyed listening to it. On a scale of 1 to 10, I will give this song an 8/10. You can download the song here. You can also read other song reviews I’ve done here.


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