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Overcometh EP – Destiny Jesuu (Music Review)

Overcometh EP is the debut EP of talented Nigerian Christian Contemporary Music singer, Destiny Jesuu. It was released on the 31st of March, 2021. There are 5 tracks in the EP, with a total play time of 1510 seconds (25 minutes 10 seconds). The genre of all the tracks in Overcometh EP is Urban Contemporay Gospel, except for the second track.

General Overview

Overcometh EP contains deeply emotional and reflective songs. These songs would be quite suitable to played while meditating, praying or worshipping. They can also be sang in church during the ‘praise/ worship’ sessions. Here’s a brief track by track description:

  1. Oil of Gladness is a song of proclamation/ prophecy of the great signs/ manifestations that God will do through believers in these last days.
  2. Come And See ft. Neken Chuwang is a song of testimony of what has done and what He is doing.
  3. In Your Presence is a song of worship that talks of the many spiritual benefits of dwelling in God’s presence.
  4. Blindfolded is a song of total surrender and complete trust in God’s leading, no matter the pain and fear.
  5. Revelation 5 is a song of worship to Jesus Christ, inspired by Revelations 5.

Strong Points

  • Great vocal delivery. In all honesty, Destiny Jesuu’s vocal delivery is the strongest point of the Overcometh EP. It’s undeniable that she has a beautiful voice, but the way she maximized the use of her voice in all the songs was amazing. You would literally feel goose bumps as you listen to her sing in this EP.
  • Great production. This is the second strongest point of this EP. I must commend TheMystic for a job well done. The production of the songs were perfect. The choice of instruments, the arrangement, the vocal processing of Destiny Jesuu’s vocals, everything was just perfect for this EP.
  • Beautiful Melody. All the songs in Overcometh EP had beautiful melody. Yes, the production helped bring out the beauty of the melodies, but basically, the song were composed with very beautiful melodies. You will still enjoy those songs even if they were sang with just one melodic instrument to accompany the vocals.
  • Strong Bibllical Messages. Another strong point of this EP is that all the songs had strong Biblical messages. Even though most of the song did not have much lyrics in them, yet the messages were clear and Biblical.


What could have been improved

Honestly, the only I felt was not properly done was the promotion. I strongly believe this EP did not get as much publicity as it deserves.


Overcometh EP is a collection of great spiritual as well as beautiful songs. I have enjoyed the songs in the EP over and over again. My favourite track is ‘In Your Presence’. On scale of 1 – 10, I will give this EP a 10. Yes, it totally deserves that. You can stream/ download the songs in Overcometh EP using this link.




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