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Press Release

Seasons - Skiffy Kanees
Press Release

Seasons by Skiffy Kanees (Press Release)

  Super-talented Inspirational singer, Skiffy Kanees is set to release a new single, titled Seasons. This coming three years after the release of her last single, ‘Carry Me’ in 2020. She had unintentionally taken a break from releasing new music since then, though she...
Immortality - BK
Press Release

Immortality – BK ft. Brief Illneiss

Immortality is a song by highly talented Nigerian Christian HipHop artist, BK featuring Brief Illneiss. The song reminds believers in this world of pain and temptations that in eternity, immortality will swallow up mortality. And so, despite the (spiritual and mind) battles...
Heartsease - Amo
Press Release

Heartsease – Amo Lasisi (Press release)

Nigerian Christian Contemporary Music singer and songwriter, Amo Lasisi has announced the release of his debut single, Heartsease. The title, Heartsease is a figurative translation of an Hausa phrase ‘Dadi na’. The song basically reminds Christians that God is enough for us....
Press Release

Throne – Vocals of Grace NG (Press release)

A new Nigerian Gospel music group, Vocals of Grace NG has announced the release of their debut single titled, Throne. Vocals of Grace NG is a Christian music group consisting of young talented believers. Throne, which is their first release, is a...
Almasihu - Justus Istifanus
Press Release

Almasihu – Justus Istifanus (Press release)

Nigerian Gospel singer, Justus Istifanus has announced the release of his new single titled, Almasihu. This is coming after his last single, Ayeye in 2021. Almasihu is an Hausa word that literally translates ‘Messiah’. Talking about the song and his inspiration for...
Put on by Ayokunle
Press Release

Put On – Ayokunle (Press release)

Nigerian Christian contemporary singer and music producer, Ayokunle has announced the release of another single, titled Put On. This is coming a few weeks after his last single, Unconditional love, with Degeneral. Put On was inspired from Ephesians 6:10 -20 where the...