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Raised On A Tape Machine – Emmeo Ogwuche (press release)

Nigerian rock singer and Music producer, Emmeo Ogwuche has announced the release of his debut album, titled Raised On A Tape Machine.

Raised On A Tape Machine is a 10 track album. All the songs in the album are rock songs. They all speak of Love, Joy and Hope that it is possible to navigate through the hardest days of our lives into a bright and glorious future.

Talking about the inspiration for Raised On A Tape Machine, Emmeo Ogwuche said,

“Raised On A Tape Machine is the story of my life. It’s the story of how I grew up on radio tape music and how it was so hard at times to listen to music because we didn’t have a tape player in the house. The album means a lot to me because these are songs I wrote at the beginning of my music journey. Some of the songs are 12 or 13 years old.”

Emmeo Ogwuche is a Nigerian Rock singer, songwriter and Music producer. He has produced several beautiful rock albums for other artists and has done a lot of covers as well. But Raised On A Tape Machine is his first original album. He featured 5 other amazing musicians on this album. Amazing musicians like: Prithvi Prajosh, Bee Martins, Msugh Anom, McBarth and OrangeNaijaRockstar.

Raised On A Tape Machine is set to be released on the 7 th of May, 2022. You can follow Emmeo Ogwuche on Facebook for updates about the release. We will also update this press release with the streaming links when they are released.

UPDATE: Here’s a link to stream Raised on a tape machine album.




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