Mr Politician Free Download

Mr Politician Free Download

Mr Politician is a song by Silas Aduma that talks about the fact that people in Political offices should use their positions to improve the lives of the people that voted them in.
Download Mr Politician by Silas Aduma free. Tap the blue button to download.
You can also listen directly on Soundcloud.

Society- Freeman Fanatic

Society- Freeman Fanatic

Jos-based Christian Hippop artist, Freeman Fanatic just dropped another hit last night titled ‘Society’. This is after the last song he released few months ago. The song  highlights a lot of ills in our society today and then suggests that for us to change our society, each of us has to begin by changing ourselves.

Asides the rich lyrical content of the song, you will also be thrilled by those hard hitting 808s in the beat.

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Destination – Manji and Philippa

Destination - Manji and Philippa

To mark their first wedding anniversary, Manji and his wife Philippa came up with this beautiful piece titled, ‘Destination’. The song was released on the 27th of February, 2022.

In this song, Manji and Philippa, likens their marriage, and in fact, their Christian walk generally, to a journey. The end of the journey (destination) is becoming like Christ.

Apart from the rich Biblical truth contained in this song, it was also beautifully produced and professionally delivered.  Hit the blue button to download an mp3 of the song directly, for free.

You can also watch their wedding trailer here:


Heart Of A Soldier By Kazi

Heart of a Soldier

‘Heart Of A Soldier’ is the second single release of veracious pastor and Christian rapper, Kazi. The song contains deep scriptural truths about the believer in Christ, and is aimed at inspiring as well as challenging believers to their roles in advancing God’s kingdom.

Heart of a soldier contains sound Biblical truths, delivered excellently with great vocals and soothing rhymes by Kazi and accompanied by top- notch production by Eli.


Remember Your Maker

Degeneral featured Big Joh in this beautiful fusion of rap and rock. Beyond the beautiful melodies, the awesome music production and skilled rap lines, this song is a wake-up call and a reminder that it is only when we live for God that we are truly alive…

Carry Me by Skiffy

carry me

In the light of everything happening in our world today, it is obvious that we need God’s help. Carry Me is not just a song, it’s a prayer of help. Be blessed and encouraged as you listen.

After the Rain by Skiffy

Skiffy- after the rain

After the rain by Skiffy is a song that seeks to bring hope to the hopeless in this world.
Asides the fact that the lyrics of the song will surely speak to you, you will also be thrilled by Skiffy’s amazing voice as well as the tight production of amazing producer, SON Chuwang. Tap the blue button below to download After the rain for free.