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See What The Lord Has Done by Nathaniel Bassey (song review)

This song review is for ‘See What The Lord Has Done’ by Nigerian Gospel singer, Nathaniel Bassey. It was released on the 6th of January, 2022. It has a total play time of 450 seconds (7 minutes 30 seconds). The genre of the song is Contemporary Christian Music.

General Overview:

‘See what the lord has done’ is a calm reflective song of worship with lots of emotions. The entire song was composed and sang in such a way that it gets you to reflect on the faithfulness and goodness of God. It also stirs up faith in the listeners that God is able to do whatever they are believing Him for. I can say the song is both a worship song and a prophetic song.

Strong points:

  • The message of the song was clearly passed across in a very simple way. There was no ambiguity in the lyrics.
  • The instrumentation of the song was not distracting. The instrumentalists kept it simple in a non-distracting manner, such that the message of the song sinks in as you listen. Also, the choice of instruments was perfect for the song. The use of many stringed instruments added to the emotion of the song.
  • The vocal delivery of Nathaniel Bassey and the backing vocalists was great for this song. Considering that the song was meant to be an emotional song, the manner in which they sang was quite perfect for the song. Also, the modulations in the song added some more emotions to it.



Due to the fact that ‘See what the lord has done’ is not a regular kind of song, I will not be able to do a detailed review of the song. I’m also not going to rate it, for personal reasons.

You can watch the song on YouTube. You can also read other music reviews I’ve done here.



  1. Well done sir! He received this song some times last year at a meeting he was invited to by William Mcdowell. I was really awaiting the record and release of the song. Thanks for your reviews. They help a lot to learn more.

    • Thank you for your feedback Silas. They are quite encouraging.

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