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‘Selense’ By Banky W (song review)

In this post, I will review a song titled, ‘Selense’ by former Nigerian ‘RnB’ singer who is now a Gospel singer, Banky W, featuring Mercy Chinwo. The song is part of a seven-tracked EP titled ‘The Bank Statements’. It was released on the 25th of November, 2021. The song has a total play time of 260 seconds (4 minutes 20 seconds). The genre of the song is Afro Gospel. Selense is term in Nigerian pidgin that implies walking with confidence.

General Overview:

Selense is a song that would easily get you on your feet and dancing. It can be played on celebrations like wedding and birthdays, and would also do well as a ‘praise song’ in a church service.

Detailed Review:

  1. Intro: The song began with a common ‘naija’ loop accompanied by two guitars, then rest of the instruments joined in a very beautiful and well planned manner. The beauty and professionalism exhibited in the intro is awesome.
  2. Composition: The melody of the entire of song is beautiful. There was dynamics in the song. You could play the song over and over again and not get tired of it.
  3. Vocal delivery: Both Banky W and Mercy Chinwo proved themselves to be musical maestros indeed. Their vocal delivery was awesome. They manner in which they complimented each other and harmonized each other’s voice was so beautiful. And they clearly passed across the message of the song beautifully and clearly. Of course, we all know that both artists have beautiful voices and know how to maximize them.
  4. Lyrics: The lyrics of the song were carefully written and arranged to pass the message of the song clearly. Also, the message of the song was very relevant. Being Banky’s first release after his restoration to faith, Selense is a song that he used to share his testimony. He talked about how God brought him out of darkness into light. And how that deliverance (salvation) makes him confident. He also appreciates God for saving him.
  5. Production and mix: The production of the song was top notch. The choice of instruments were perfect and they were skillfully played too. The key and tempo of the song were perfect for the song. The mix of the song was highly professional. There was balance and clarity in the mix. The instruments were well panned across the stereo space, the frequencies were not clashing, there was the right amount of low end as well as the high end. I could almost say the mix is perfect.


‘Selense’ by Banky W is a beautiful song. It’s currently among the most played songs on my playlist. I can’t seem to find anything bad about the song. So, on a scale of 1- 10, I would rate this song 10/10.

You can listen to the song on Deezer. You can also read other music reviews I’ve done here.


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