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Song Review of ‘Ceto Mana’ by Isaac Ajila

‘Ceto Mana’ is a Christmas song by Jos based Christian Hip pop rapper, Isaac Ajila. ‘Ceto mana’ means ‘salvation for us’ in English. The song was released on the 19th of December, 2021. It has a total play time of 250 seconds (4 minutes 10 seconds). The genre of the song is Christian Hip pop (as expected).

General overview

Ceto Mana is the kind of song you’ll nod your head or tap your feet to once it starts playing. It has this classic feel of hip pop of the 90’s. Coupled with it’s rich biblical content, Ceto mana is song to easily vibe to.

Strong points
  • The intro of the song is quite interesting. It creates a kind of suspense for what’s about to come later and leaves you wanting to hear the rest of the song.
  • Isaac Ajila’s confidence was epic and was evident in his vocal delivery. He was bold about his message and that boldness was a real plus to the song.
  • The song has a rich scriptural content. The song talks about the privileges that Believers now have because of what Jesus did for them.
  • His rhymes and flow were on point. The lyrics were not just scripturally rich, they were also carefully arranged to be pleasant to the ears.
What could have been improved

There was no dynamics in the song. As is characteristic of 90’s hip pop, the melody of the song was the same from the beginning to the end. An introduction of something different somewhere in the song, maybe the third verse, would have added a little spice to the song.


In conclusion, I would say this a very beautiful piece of music. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate this song, 7/10. You can listen or download the song for yourself using this link



  1. The Song is actually a mind blowing…
    It actually patterns it’s Uniqueness by Intro and the whole Concept of the content.

    Isaac Ajila ???????❤️❤️

    • Thanks for your feedback, Mark.

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