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Song Review Of Life By Freeman Fanatic

This review is for a song titled, Life. ‘Life’ is a single by Christian hip pop artist, Freeman Fanatic featuring Mary David. The song was released on the 23 rd of September, 2021. It has a total length of 170 seconds (2minutes 50 seconds). The genre of the song is Christian Hip pop.

General overview:

Life is a song of reflection. It reminds the listeners that we all, have a brief time to spend on earth, as humans, and that none of us knows when we are going to die. Being a song written to make one reflect/ think about life, it was not composed/ produced to make you want to jump and dance; both the lyrics and the melody were intentionally tailored to make you sit back and think.

Strong points:

  • Great vocal delivery. As mentioned in the general overview, the song was meant to make listeners reflect about life; not to dance and both Freeman Fanatic and Mary David did that effectively in their delivery. They were able to drive home the message of the song with the way they presented it.
  • The lyrics of the song were on point. They clearly passed across the message of the song. There were no ambiguity in the lyrics; anyone who listens to the song would get the message clearly.
  • Great composition. The song was composed in a way that depicted the message of the song and that’s a big plus. The choice of chords was perfect; they give you that sober, reflective feel that makes you sit back, listen to the lyrics and reflect.
  • Good production. The choice of instruments were just fitting for the song. The production was also very good.
  • There was dynamics in the song. Even though the mood of the song was reflective, yet it was dynamic enough to keep you listening to the end. In fact, you could listen to the song over and over and not get bored. I particularly like the twist at around 1:48 where the beat changed from Hip pop to Naija Afro pop and returned to Hip pop.

What could have been improved:

  • The speech at the intro of the song was not clear. And I’m not referring to the filter applied to it. Anyone listening to the song would barely understand what was said there.
  • There were many producer tags in the songs and some of them were in the middle of the song. Hearing producer tags in the middle of a song is a big turn off for most people. It sounds very unprofessional. Producer tags should be either at the beginning or end of the song, not in the middle.


I would say Life is a beautiful song with a relevant message. I enjoyed listening to it and would recommend it. On a scale of 1- 10, I would rate this song 7/10. You can listen or download the song reviewed in this post using this link.


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