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Spirit 3:6 Announces Release Of Redefinition EP

Award winning music producer and singer-rapper, Spirit 3:6, has finally announced the release of his debut EP, titled “Redefinition”. This EP means more to him than just a release.

The burden to release the EP came at a point in his life when he was re-defining himself, his career, and his motives. In his exact words,

“The Redefinition EP stands for so many things in my life:

First, I’m redefining my motive of doing music. The motivation for releasing this EP became strong after an encounter I had during a personal fasting and prayer. I repented from doing music with a wrong motive and decided to go back to the original mission, which was to bombard the media with so much positive content in order to fight the negative influence on young people.

Secondly, I’m re-defining myself and my art, from a music artiste and partial music producer to a music producer and a partial music artiste. This is because I recently realized that my major strength in music is music production, not singing.

Finally, I’m redefining (more like re-establishing) my commitment to my faith as a Christian. No more confusion as to whether to be labeled a Christian artist or just an artist. I am a Christian and my faith is reflected in my art.”

More details about the Redefinition EP release, such as release date, cover art, track listing, etc would be communicated to the public shortly. Meanwhile you can follow Spirit 3:6 on Facebook for updates.

UPDATE: Here is the link to download the Redefinition EP for free.

Or you can stream the tracks on soundcloud.



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  1. Great. God will use you greatly and mightily. I’ll love to work with you.

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