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On Friday, 9th April, 2021, Spirit 3:6 announced that he would begin a personal blog. He calls it ‘Musicians Corner’. Talking about the blog, Spirit 3:6 said,

“ Part of the objectives of Jeplune Music has always been to mentor young musicians. I have always envisioned having a group of young talented musicians who I meet regularly to hear their challenges, share my experiences with them, encourage and generally serve as a mentor to. This is still in my long term plans for Jeplune. However, lately I’ve felt that I could start now to share my experiences and encourage young musicians without necessary meeting with them. This thought has persisted in my mind for a couple of months and on several occasions, I’ve shared the idea with my wife and my friend Joe and both of them have been supportive. So today, I decided to start the blog. It’s called “Musicians’ Corner” because it’s basically one musician writing to other (younger) musicians. In other words, my target audience are young talented musicians. This doesn’t mean that the articles I write would only benefit musicians. I would be writing on a variety of topics, ranging from my personal struggles, to my experiences, life lessons, encouragements, etc. There might even be times that I would write about my faith or relationship.”

Spirit 3:6 is a music producer, film music composer, singer- rapper and teacher. He is passionate about bombarding the media with enough positive content, as his own way of fighting the negative effects of the media on young people. He is the one of the pioneer artists of Jeplune Music and believes strongly in the vision of the outfit.

Musicians’ Corner blog goes live today. You can read the first article here.


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