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Today, I want to encourage anyone who might be feeling discouraged right now; stay at your post. Today’s article is not meant for only musicians.

Why am I writing this?

Last week, I went to see one of my mentors. I was feeling very discouraged about a lot of things; ministry, business, passion… everything seemed not to be working and I felt like giving up. While we talked, he said to me, “Sometimes, the only sacrifice you need to make to move God’s heart is to remain/ stay at your post”. That statement felt like drinking a cool glass of water after wandering through a desert on a hot afternoon. I was encouraged, I was revived.

You see, as Christians, we have been called by God to be His ambassadors and messengers here. We are to use our art or vocations (or whatever creative ability we have been gifted with) to proclaim the message of hope to this hopeless world. That is our primary assignment or calling. You can call it your ‘post’. Each of us has a particular ‘post’ that we have been assigned to. And God expects us to stay at that post and be faithful. Theoretically, that sounds like an easy task, but in reality, it is a very difficult one.

It’s difficult, I know

It is difficult to keep doing the same thing, when it yields no visible material result. It’s difficult to remain at the same position and watch others go far, but you can’t join them because more than just a vocation, you see what you do as a calling. It is difficult to be the odd one. It’s difficult when people think you are just wasting your life and being stubborn (or stupid). The pressure from society, family and friends weigh you down. You keep asking yourself, “is this worth it”? You feel like succumbing to their pressures, turn around, and just go the way everyone expects you to go.


But I just want to encourage you to stay at your post. The people pressuring you, are not the ones God gave the calling/ gift/ direct instructions (whatever it is) God gave you. In the end, it is you that God would require an account from, not them. Remember the parable of the talents? Each of the servants were required to give account based on the number of talents given to each of them. Remember also the fall of man in the garden? It was Adam God demanded an explanation from because he was the one that God gave instruction, not Eve. If you yield to pressures and abandon your post, God will not require an account from those people who pressured you, He would require it from you.

So, my dear brother or sister (whoever you are reading this article) don’t give in to the pressures. Stay at your post. Your King is coming and He’s coming with your reward. Be patient, be faithful, don’t give up, stay at your post.


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