Milestone 2; the biggest rock concert in Northern Nigeria


The biggest rock concert in Northern Nigeria, Milestone 2, will be taking be place in the city of Jos. This will be the second edition of the concert, but this time, it’s bigger and definitely better. And I’m personally excited about this.

Those of you who know me personally would have known that I am a huge fan of rock music (and rap music too). This is basically for two reasons:

  1. The huge amount of skill and musicianship invested into creating Rock music and
  2. The depth of the lyrics in rock songs.

So, you’ll understand how excited I am that 5 Rock bands from across 4 cities in Northern Nigeria will be teaming up to have one big concert; Milestone 2.

I talked with the management of Chapter 5 band, one of the organisers of Milestone 2 about the theme of the concert.

 This is what he said:

“Milestone was birthed from Acts 20:28. As a mission instructing us to watch over the flock God has given us as ministers. We realised that we can only achieve a little if we try doing it alone but we will be able to achieve much more by joining heads together with other bands with same vision and mission.
So we joined forces with 4 other bands from Kaduna, Zaria, Keffi then those of us in Jos.
Simply put Milestone is a victory stepping stone on making head way to spreading the gospel and planting seed of the Goodnews in young people through Music- Rock music.”

I also talked with the management of StageOneNG, on the organisers of Milestone 2, about what to expect in the concert.

He said,

“Expect fire. All bands are 100% rock, all with the aim to glorify God. We’ll be having The Northmen from Keffi, God’s Rock from Zaria, Fish & Anchor from Kaduna, and of course, Chapter 5 and StageOneNG from Jos.”

Milestone 2 will be held on 26 th of June, 2022, at GodLife Assembly, Yingi, Rayfield, Jos. The time is 3pm.

I can almost tell you ahead of time, that this is not the kind of concert you would like to be told about. Rather the experience is something you should have for yourself. Get ready for Milestone 2.




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