Ant Man Strategy

Ant Man Strategy

Today, on Christian Musicians Corner, I would like to share what I call, ‘The Ant Man Strategy’. The first time I wrote this article, it was for publication in the maiden edition of Jogama Magazine, 4 years ago. But I think the message is still relevant for us today.

I am a lover of science fiction and super hero movies. One of my favourites is ‘The Avengers series’. The Avengers are a group of people; some with supernatural powers, some with scientifically modified bodies, some others with highly sophisticated battle suits while others just have unique skills used in battle. They all have one thing in common; they fight to defend the people from external or internal threats to human existence. Now, one of the Avengers that particularly interest me is called Ant Man. He has a special suit that allows him to shrink to the size of an ant. This makes him almost invisible to his opponent, while still retaining the strength of a full grown man. This unique ability allows him to enter a well guarded enemy territory and carry out operations that would have been impossible for others to carry out.

The war we are in

Now, as Christians we are at war (both spiritually and physically) with the devil and the world system. The devil and the world system have been consistently fighting to win the hearts of believers over to their side. And now, they have the same ability as the Ant Man; that means we don’t see them coming at us. The strategy they are using now in this war is the media. Just like Ant Man, the media penetrates our homes and does great havoc to our spiritual lives without us noticing. Our kids are being influenced away from the godly principles and values that we are trying to teach them. Yes, we still have morning devotions with them at home, and yes, we still being teach them in church, but right now, the majority of what an average teenager/ young adult believes strongly are things he/ she learnt from movies and music. Our territories have been invaded by the enemy like Ant Man.

Let me give practical examples

Over the years, just like Ant Man who enters without being noticed, the media have continuously projected an idea to the mind of young people that without money, life is worth nothing. Music artists portray this message in their music videos and the movies pass the same message too. The resultant effect is that greed has become the order of the day. The average young person now has this idea that whatever a person does is justified as long as it yields material gain at the end of the day. And so, they are willing to do anything, I mean ANYTHING at all, even if it is morally unthinkable, as long as they would get money. It is therefore not surprising, the rise in the cases of ritual killings and fraud by young people. Another example is the consistent degrading of the female gender and their portrayal as mere sex objects. This has made our young girls lose their sense of human dignity and so can condescend to any level. Check the kind of videos we see on social media today about our girls and you’ll understand what I’m talking about. But I think, we already got the point.

Now, how do we fight this war?

The solution is obviously not to ban the use of Television or the internet in our various homes. That would be like attempting to stop a moving car with your bare hands (except you are superman). In warfare, one of the best ways to defend yourself against the enemy is to attack the enemy. We need to use the same Ant Man Strategy to attack.

  • Yes, we ought to keep praying for our youth and teaching them at home and in church ( which by the way is VERY IMPORTANT). But in addition to that, we also need to start invading the media and bombarding it with QUALITY godly content.  If we are truly going to engage young people, we need to throw away that ‘mediocre’ mindset. We need to start providing media content that could compete with every other one out there, in terms of quality. Let’s include expertise in our productions; whether we have to spend years getting it or we spend money to hire it. We need to get into the mainstream entertainment industry, like Ant Man, but with our Christian message. By all means, let the content we put out be of great quality and be able to meet up to industry standards. And we don’t have to compromise our message to achieve this.
  • We also need to break down those mighty walls of ‘the secular vs the sacred’ in music genres and entertainment generally. By this, I do not mean that we should start compromising our Christian values in our productions, but let’s reduce the categorization. We should just have rock songs (not secular rock and Christian rock) or rap songs (not Christian rap and secular rap) or movies (not Christian movies and secular movies). Let the audience do the categorization themselves.
  • Another thing is that we don’t have to sound ‘preachy’ all the time in our songs and movies (although sometimes, we need to sound ‘preachy’ and be firm in our message). But what we need to do more is ‘gently’ (without compromise though) re-introduce godly principles, standards and values to the younger generation. In 2Timothy 2:25, the Bible says, “Opponents must be gently instructed, in the hope that God will grant them repentance leading them to a knowledge of the truth…” Did you notice the word ‘gently’? I could almost replace that word with the phrase, ‘like Ant Man…’ That’s how God expects us to fight this war. A quick example of what I’m talking about is the movie ‘The Chronicles Of Narnia’ by C.S. Lewis. Another example is the movie, ‘The Lost Medallion’ written by Bill Muir. At face value, you would not tag any of these movies as ‘Christian movies’. But when you watch them, you’ll find that they pass strong Christian messages without compromise.

This has been a long article, but it is worth it. If I had broken it into two, the message wouldn’t have been complete. I hope you gained a lot from it though. Let me hear your thoughts in the comments below.



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stay at your post

Today, I want to encourage anyone who might be feeling discouraged right now; stay at your post. Today’s article is not meant for only musicians.

Why am I writing this?

Last week, I went to see one of my mentors. I was feeling very discouraged about a lot of things; ministry, business, passion… everything seemed not to be working and I felt like giving up. While we talked, he said to me, “Sometimes, the only sacrifice you need to make to move God’s heart is to remain/ stay at your post”. That statement felt like drinking a cool glass of water after wandering through a desert on a hot afternoon. I was encouraged, I was revived.

You see, as Christians, we have been called by God to be His ambassadors and messengers here. We are to use our art or vocations (or whatever creative ability we have been gifted with) to proclaim the message of hope to this hopeless world. That is our primary assignment or calling. You can call it your ‘post’. Each of us has a particular ‘post’ that we have been assigned to. And God expects us to stay at that post and be faithful. Theoretically, that sounds like an easy task, but in reality, it is a very difficult one.

It’s difficult, I know

It is difficult to keep doing the same thing, when it yields no visible material result. It’s difficult to remain at the same position and watch others go far, but you can’t join them because more than just a vocation, you see what you do as a calling. It is difficult to be the odd one. It’s difficult when people think you are just wasting your life and being stubborn (or stupid). The pressure from society, family and friends weigh you down. You keep asking yourself, “is this worth it”? You feel like succumbing to their pressures, turn around, and just go the way everyone expects you to go.


But I just want to encourage you to stay at your post. The people pressuring you, are not the ones God gave the calling/ gift/ direct instructions (whatever it is) God gave you. In the end, it is you that God would require an account from, not them. Remember the parable of the talents? Each of the servants were required to give account based on the number of talents given to each of them. Remember also the fall of man in the garden? It was Adam God demanded an explanation from because he was the one that God gave instruction, not Eve. If you yield to pressures and abandon your post, God will not require an account from those people who pressured you, He would require it from you.

So, my dear brother or sister (whoever you are reading this article) don’t give in to the pressures. Stay at your post. Your King is coming and He’s coming with your reward. Be patient, be faithful, don’t give up, stay at your post.


Spirit 3:6

On Friday, 9th April, 2021, Spirit 3:6 announced that he would begin a personal blog. He calls it ‘Musicians Corner’. Talking about the blog, Spirit 3:6 said,

“ Part of the objectives of Jeplune Music has always been to mentor young musicians. I have always envisioned having a group of young talented musicians who I meet regularly to hear their challenges, share my experiences with them, encourage and generally serve as a mentor to. This is still in my long term plans for Jeplune. However, lately I’ve felt that I could start now to share my experiences and encourage young musicians without necessary meeting with them. This thought has persisted in my mind for a couple of months and on several occasions, I’ve shared the idea with my wife and my friend Joe and both of them have been supportive. So today, I decided to start the blog. It’s called “Musicians’ Corner” because it’s basically one musician writing to other (younger) musicians. In other words, my target audience are young talented musicians. This doesn’t mean that the articles I write would only benefit musicians. I would be writing on a variety of topics, ranging from my personal struggles, to my experiences, life lessons, encouragements, etc. There might even be times that I would write about my faith or relationship.”

Spirit 3:6 is a music producer, film music composer, singer- rapper and teacher. He is passionate about bombarding the media with enough positive content, as his own way of fighting the negative effects of the media on young people. He is the one of the pioneer artists of Jeplune Music and believes strongly in the vision of the outfit.

Musicians’ Corner blog goes live today. You can read the first article here.