A true-life story of Ric’s brother and lessons from it

Ric's brother

There’s  this very good friend of mine, Ric.  I met him in 2012 during his one-year compulsory service to Nigeria (NYSC). At that time, I had just finished mine. Over time, we began to grow close and bond. Today, because of how close we are, I can say we’ve grown beyond friends to brothers.

Anyways, last month Ric’s elder brother visited him from the south-eastern part of Nigeria. And within the period of his stay with my friend turned brother, they scheduled that I meet with him. Actually, Ric’s elder brother is an ordained minister of the Gospel. But he is also a talented singer. He had recorded two full albums ten years ago, but they were not distributed and definitely not promoted. So, only members of their family and just a few friends heard the songs in the albums.

What we did

Basically, the major aim of the meeting was to consult with me on how they can revive and publicize those albums. I think I need to pause a little here to give a little explanation of the albums we are talking about. Ric’s brother recorded both albums like medleys, so each song flows into the next and it continues like that till the end. So, you could have 30 minutes of continuous play time without stop. Also, he sang all the songs in Igbo. After talking with them for a while, we agreed that we need to separate the individual songs in the albums, to stand as single songs and then make lyrics videos for each of them. The job was contracted to Jeplune Music Studios, one of the music companies in Nigeria that make beautiful lyrics videos. Within a few weeks we had separated the songs in the albums and started work on the lyrics videos. We also created a YouTube channel for Ric’s brother.

Now here’s where the story get’s interesting. We uploaded the first lyrics video on his YouTube channel (you can see for yourself here) and the result was massive. Within a few days, Ric’s brother got over a hundred views on the video and some subcribers too.

So, what happened?

First, this was the first time the public was hearing this album that Ric’s brother recorded 10 years ago. To them, it’s a new music release. Secondly, due to the fact that we released the songs as lyrics videos, we could project the English translation of the words of the song that was originally sang in Igbo. This made it possible for everyone to both enjoy the sweet melody of the songs and still understand the words sung. Finally, we were able to direct all the traffic to his YouTube channel since we didn’t upload the songs on any other platform.

Ric’s brother is feeling a lot more fulfilled right now because his songs are finally being heard and the message which were in Igbo can now be understood by people who aren’t Igbo. All this because he got awesome lyrics videos for the songs from Jeplune Music.

You too can get beautiful lyrics videos for your songs and increase the views on your YouTube channel, like Ric’s brother. It doesn’t matter if they are old songs or new ones. You can check out a few of the lyrics videos we have done for various artists in the past here.

Benefits Of Lyrics Videos

Benefits of lyrics videos

At the end of last week’s article, I promised that we would be looking at the benefits of  lyrics videos this week. That is exactly what we are going to do today. So why do you really need to have a lyrics video for your song.


Alright, so the first one is FANS LOVE LYRICS VIDEOS

Yes, you read that right. Now if someone has become a fan of your music, it means the person really loves your sound. This also means that he/she would want to learn the words of your songs so they can sing along while playing your songs. This is where lyrics videos play a very vital role. They afford you the opportunity of teaching your songs to your fans, ‘word for word’ without being physically present. And fans really appreciate it.



It’s no longer news that the second most watched type of videos on YouTube are what we call ‘How- To’ videos (tutorial videos that teach how to do specific things). The most logical reason for this, we believe, is that people usually need to watch a tutorial more than once to fully understand it well. The same is the case for lyrics videos. There is no way a fan would learn the words of a song by watching it once; they would usually watch it more once if they really want to learn. This automatically counts as more views for you on YouTube. Of course, I don’t need to tell you that the more views you have, the closer you get to monetization your videos (or even getting noticed by a major label).



YouTube is the world’s biggest streaming site and where billions of people discover new music. Having your song on YouTube not only increases your chance of being discovered by new fans, it also increases the chances of your song popping up on google search easily if you use SEO rightly. But you need video to be on YouTube (and these days, your video needs to be of high quality to attract views). Since shooting music videos are very expensive (we saw that last week), lyrics videos prove to be very efficient as well. Which leads us to the last one…



It’s almost unbelievable that despite the numerous benefits of lyrics videos, they are still very affordable, especially when compared to the cost of shooting a music video. In fact, making a lyrics video for a song is cheaper than the amount spent on producing the audio of the song. How crazy is that? You can get all the benefits listed in this article and more and yet you don’t have to break the bank.

Now, I know you might be wondering where can I get lyrics videos, so I can access all these benefits? Jeplune Music Studios, makes professional lyric videos for artists at affordable rates. Chat them directly on Whatsapp now, to start your own video.


Well, that’s it. Hope you’ve learnt something new about the benefits of lyrics videos. Let us know in the comments what new thing you learnt. Or you could share other benefits of lyrics videos that we left out in this article.