Top 3 DAWs used by Music Producers in Jos

Music producers in Jos

Today, I will be unveiling the top 3 DAWs used by music producers in Jos. This article will be a lot beneficial to aspiring/ upcoming music producers.

How did I arrive at this my result?

I recently carried out a survey among music producers in the city of Jos, Plateau State. In the survey, I asked the producers their choice DAWs when it comes to recording, beat making, mixing and mastering. 25 different producers in Jos took this survey and I compiled their answers to get a final result.

So why music producers in Jos?

For those of you wondering why I carried out my survey with music producers in Jos, let me tell you a little bit about the music industry in Jos. Jos is a city in Plateau state known for it’s abundance of music, dance and poetic talents. It has been said that from every three families in Jos, there would be at least one person that is either a singer, dancer, poet or footballer. I can tell you that statement is true. In many ways, just like Nashville is regarded as the music center of the US., Jos can be regarded as the music center of Nigeria. So, if you’re looking for where to find the most talented music producers in Nigeria, Jos city is the place.

Having said that, let’s dive into the survey results.

Most used DAW for recording

Recording is an essential aspect of music production. Asides the vocals, instruments like the guitars, the bass, etc are usually preferably recorded live. From the survey, the most used DAW for recording is Cubase. The second is Sonar (Cakewalk) while Logic Pro is the third most used DAW for recording.

Most used DAW for beat making

Beat making is another important aspect of music production, especially for genres like Afrobeats, Hip pop, EDM, etc. Here, FL Studio was preferred by most music producers. The second is Logic pro, followed by Cubase.

Most used DAW for mixing and mastering

No matter how beautiful the vocals in a recording are, and no matter how awesome the production, if they are poorly mixed and mastered, the song will still sound like crap. So which DAW do music producers in Jos prefer for mixing and mastering? Surprisingly, Cubase is still the most preferred here. The second is Sonar (Cakewalk), followed by Logic Pro as the third most used DAW for mixing and mastering.

Overall most used DAW

Overall, the most used DAW by music producers in Jos is Cubase. Next to Cubase is Fl Studio, which is basically used by most for beat making alone. The third is Sonar (Cakewalk). I think it is worth mentioning that quite a number of the producers that took the survey also prefer Logic Pro, but the numbers for Cubase, Fl Studio and Sonar outweigh that of Logic Pro.

In summary, the most used DAWs by music producers in Jos, in their order of preference, are:

  1. Cubase
  2. Fl Studio
  3. Sonar (Cakewalk)
  4. Logic Pro


By the way, I’m creating a directory for music producers in Jos. So, if you are a producer (or you know one) please take 2 minutes and fill out this google form (or send the link to your producer). The directory will be published so that music artists can easily contact music producers of their choice.