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These Songs EP- Aizek (Story behind the songs)

On Thursday, 5th May, 2022, Aizek released a surprise EP titled These Songs, to mark his birthday. These Songs is a 5- track EP packed with deep and meaningful songs that all speak of grace. The genre of the EP is Christian Hip pop.

I got in touch with Aizek and he shared a little story behind These songs EP and why He gave it that title.

Here’s what He said,

“5th May is a special day for me, my birthday. Like two weeks ago the idea to work on something and release it on my birthday came heavily on me, then I hit my bro Vblaiz so we can work on it and we did. These Songs is a celebration of the life I’ve been given and the grace of God on my life. That’s where the idea came from for These Songs. The title doesn’t have any deep meaning, just me sharing a 5 track EP. 5th May – 5/5 and the title is 5/5 too. The first letter of each track spells these…so These Songs.

The entire EP was produced, mixed and mastered by my bro Vblaiz. From ‘The Intro’ to ‘Ends with Eleven’ (which is another version of the song Eleven originally produced by Uncle Q & Hanniel) you’ll see the theme of God’s grace, that’s something you can’t miss while listening to the project.”

Aizek is a rap artist with D.P.E Records. He has two published projects and several other singles. His motivation to write and rap comes from a worldview that is shaped by God and life’s experiences.

You  can stream or buy These songs using this link.

You can also follow Aizek on Facebook to get more about his music.



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  1. Listened to all five… Great pieces here: Original, Gospel-centered testimonies, and authentically Nigerian.

    • Totally agree with you. Thanks for the feedback.

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