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Highly energetic Nigerian Christian Rock band, Chapter5, has announced their new release, titled Tsarguwa (Paranoia Cover). This is coming two years after their last single ‘I Don Wake’ in 2021. Tsarguwa can be translated as Paranoia or Paranoid, which simply means a feeling of not being good enough.

Talking about their inspiration for the song, Tsarguwa, the band leader said,

“After listening to the original song with the band, we decided to bring it down to a level we all can relate to. We were also partly inspired by the popular Hausa chorus “Baza Mu taba iya ba sai tare da Yesu”. You know, we could reach a point in our lives, especially when we have been hurt so many times, that we tend to curl up into our shells and form a resistance so as not to be hurt again. We refuse to trust, love, or even just to be friendly. We shut out people who are genuine because of past experiences.  And we might even begin to advise others to be like us because of our experiences.

But rather than being paranoid and shutting down, we should depend on the solid Rock instead; He is a strong foundation that never fails. We came to the realization of this truth, that we can’t do anything on our own except with Jesus. “Don shine mai ceton mu.””

Tsarguwa is scheduled to be released on the 22nd of October 2023. It would be available on major music streaming platforms. Anyone who has either listened to Chapter5 play live or their previous releases would know that Tsarguwa would be nothing short of amazing. You would expect raw energy from the start to the end. From their highly talented and energetic drummer, to their lead vocal, bassist, rhythm and lead guitarists, Chapter5 is a band you can’t resist their music. But asides the skillfully played instrumentals and the awesome vocals, the message contained in Tsarguwa is timely and would bless lives. Chapter5 band leader attested to the fact that the song has spoken to them as well.

In his own words, he said,

“It personally addresses our insecurities of not being good enough, thoughts of people out to get you, and fear of the unknown in general. As a band we’ve had these experiences it causes us to be Paranoid to an extent. We’ve found that the only answer to any challenge we face is Jesus. No matter what we go through, Jesus Loves us regardless and His love for us never changes. We found our assurance in Deuteronomy 31:8 which says He will never leave us nor forsake us.”

As we anticipate the release of Tsarguwa by Chapter5 Music on the 22nd of October, you can follow them on all their social media platforms so you could be updated about their releases. This press release would also be updated with the streaming and download links when they are out.



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