Twenty-five Fifteen

The name ‘Twenty-five Fifteen’ was taken from Matthew 25:15 (the parable of the talents)

Twenty-five Fifteen is an event for Christian youths, talented in music, within Utan and RockHaven communities of Jos, Plateau state, Nigeria. It a collaborative effort of ECWA RockHaven Youth Fellowship and Jeplune Music.

The two major aims of the event are:

  1. To serve as a push/motivation to young people who are talented but scared to actually step out in using their talents.
  2. To guide these young people to use their talents for positive impact on the society.


We believe that music has so much power to be used to influence society and reshape world views and if young talents are properly guided, they would use their talents to influence society positively.


The event is divided into four segments with different activities. These activities are:

1. Auditions:

The auditions will be held on the 27th and 28th of December, 2021 at ECWA RockHaven, Jos from 9am to 12 noon. Those who scale through this stage will be invited for a seminar.


2. Seminar:

The topics that would be taught at the seminar are:

A) Music; a tool for national transformation

B) Basic songwriting and composition

C) Developing stage confidence and great vocal delivery

D) Life beyond the spotlight


3. Next is the rehearsals.

The contestants would be given room to actually rehearse their original songs with the skilled instrumentalists before the main event.


4. The last activity is the main event.

This was originally scheduled to hold on the 9th of January, but it was postponed to the 23rd of January, 2022. This is when the contestants perform their original songs and then the judges choose three winners from among them.


These three winners would be mentored by Christian Musicians who have gone ahead of them. Also, each of them would be sponsored and guided to release one of their original songs.


You can support  Twenty-five Fifteen with prayers and you can also support with financial donations.

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