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Updates for Christian Musicians’ Corner blog

Last Friday I didn’t publish any article on Christian Musicians’ Corner. However, I figured I needed to update you guys about the blog. So, here’s a few updates you need to know:

Change of name

I recently changed the name of this blog from “Musicians’ Corner” to “Christian Musicians’ Corner”. This change was done for two major reasons. The first is for a better SEO (search engine optimization). The second is that I recently began to ponder about what I do. I am a Christian and a musician. Underneath every single article I write is an underlying tone of my faith. Sometimes, it’s subtle, but other times it’s bold. Obviously, my publications here make more sense to Christian musicians. So, I figured it’s best if the name clearly indicates my main target audience – Christian Musicians. That’s why the blog is now Christian Musicians’ Corner.

New addition to the blog

That said, we are introducing something new in Christian musicians’ corner blog. From now on, we will occasionally publish reflections from scripture by various Christians, especially those who are musicians. We’ll call it devotionals. The devotionals will revolve around Christian living generally, but especially written in a such a way that Christian musicians will relate easily. So, we’ll look at topics like overcoming temptations, purpose, Christian service/ ministry, Christian love, personal devotion, etc.

Let me use this opportunity to invite submissions of reflections from Christian musicians. Age or location does not matter. You only have to be a Christian to qualify to submit reflections for publication. Like I said earlier, any topic revolving around Christian living is welcomed. Send your submissions to and title it “DEVOTIONALS FOR CMC”.

One last thing,

We were recently listed by FeedSpot among the top 80 Nigerian music blogs/ websites. Actually, we were ranked 39th on the list. This might seem inconsequential to some of you, but it’s a great encouragement to me. At least it shows that what we do here at is relevant and needed. I’m encouraged to do more.

Alright, that’s all the updates I have to share with you guys concerning Christian Musicians’ corner. While you are here, please do well to check some of the services we offer here at You’ll get a lot of these services, like music reviews, lyrics videos, etc for just a little token.




  1. Thank you for the update. May grace be multiplied.

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