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Video Content Ideas For Your YouTube Channel (1)

Today, we’ll be looking at video content ideas for your YouTube channel.

You would agree with me, that besides the fulfillment we get when people watch or listen to our work, every single one of us (musicians) would also like to earn some money from the content we put out. But part of YouTube’s requirements for monetization is that you must have at least 4,000 hours of overall watch time on your channel. Now, that might not pose any problem for someone whose YouTube channel is dedicated for video tutorials or comedy skits, but for a musician, that’s a lot of work. So, I’ve decided to share nine video content ideas that you can use for your YouTube channel in order to remain consistent and gradually reach the requirements for monetization. But since I would not want this article not to be too long, I split them into three parts and today we would we would just look at the first part.

  1. Cover videos:

This is the first video content idea for your YouTube channel that I’ll share. One of the advantages of YouTube is that it allows anyone to upload anything… Anything at all. This means that you can upload a cover of any song you like to your YouTube channel, just make sure you include that it’s a cover, not your original song. This is one type of video you can never run out of content from. I mean, there countless number of good songs out there. All you need is your phone to record yourself and maybe an acoustic guitar (if you can play one), but you could also sing acapella. You can get very creative with covers to the point that people might actually prefer your cover video to the original song. And cover songs, especially covers of popular songs, prove very effective in getting new artistes discovered by new people. So, make sure you make good use of it.


  1. Lyric videos:

This is another video content idea for your YouTube channel and it has to do with original content. We all agree that video content is the most effective type of content today. Turning your audio recordings (even older ones) into lyric videos, is therefore a very good form of investment for your music career. It’s like ‘using one stone to kill multiple birds’. Your audience learns your song, you have more content to put out, plus many other advantages (see other advantages of lyric videos). And the best part is that it’s not very expensive to make. Jeplune Music Studios is one sure place you can get professional lyric videos made for you at affordable rates.


  1. Music videos:

I’m pretty sure you were wondering when I was going to talk about this one. Music videos are the surest way to get more viewership on your YouTube channel. It has the most tendency to go viral than any other type of video you could put out. But you have to really think of a very interesting concept for your video. There’s no point spending a huge amount of money on a video if it’s going to turn out boring. So, take your time and plan this one very well. Making music videos shouldn’t be something you rush into, except you have a crew that works magic every time and you have so much money.


This is where I’m going to stop today, next week we will continue with this interesting topic, and I will be sharing more video content ideas for your YouTube channel. Untill then, stay safe and keep creating awesome content.


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