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Last week, I began this series on video content ideas for your YouTube channel. We saw that considering YouTube’s requirement for monetization, musicians need to upload more than just their music videos on their channel in order to meet up, hence the need for this topic. This is the second part in this three- part series and I’m going to be sharing three other types of video you can upload. So, let’s dive into it:

  1. Behind the scenes

This is one video content idea for YouTube that has proven to be very effective, over the years. This is especially because people like to know what’s going in the lives of their favourite artist. Behind the scenes are videos of activities you engage in before a live performance or major event. They could be videos of your trip to the venue for the event, or sound check before the main event, or prayer sessions with your team or red carpet, whatever. Anything that happens behind/ before you climb the stage to perform. They could either be selfie- style vides or you could have someone do the video coverage for you. Behind the scenes tend to make your viewers feel some sense of intimacy/ closeness to you and it also makes them feel like they are part of your life. So, take advantage of that and make your fans feel like they are part of your life; like they are your friends, not your fans.

  1. Rehearsals

Even though this might seem a little difficult because in some ways it feels like exposing your imperfections to the world, yet this is a powerful tool of connecting with your fans/ listeners. When you post videos of your rehearsal time, whether personal or with a group, people get to see that you are human just like everyone else. They see that you make mistakes too, that you do ‘trial and errors’ too and you learn. They see your humorous side, etc. All these makes them feel connected to you better. It makes them know that you’re not some strange, ‘super hero- like’ alien from a planet of musicians, but that you’re human just like they are, only that you are talented in music. Again, this could either be selfie- style vides or you could have someone do the video coverage for you. But just know the idea of uploading rehearsals is great video content for your YouTube channel.

  1. Live performance/ concert

I don’t need to write a lot on this one. Anyone who enjoy your songs would, most likely, want to see how you look when you perform live. And the reality is that not all your fans will ever get the opportunity to see you perform live. So, post videos of your live performances/ concerts to help them. If you are not the organizer, request for the video of your own performance from the organisers. Alternatively, you could ask a friend to help cover your own performance, if you notice there is no provision for video coverage by the organisers. Just make you get a clear video to post, even if it’s just a short clip. And this could even serve as a way for you to evaluate yourself as you grow.


So, that’s it for today. Next week, I would wrap up this series of video content ideas for your YouTube channel. And like I told you last week, stay safe and keep creating awesome content.


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