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Video Content Ideas For Your YouTube Channel (3)

Two weeks ago, I started this series on video content ideas for your YouTube channel. We saw that considering YouTube’s requirement for monetization, musicians need to upload more than just their music videos on their channel in order to meet up, hence the need for this topic. So far, we have seen 6 different types of videos. This is the third and final part of this series. So, let’s dive into it:


This is another type of video that affords your listeners the opportunity to get to know you better. This is because you would be answering questions about yourself and your music asked by your interviewer. All you have to do is request that a copy of the interview be given to you after it has been edited. Or you could have someone else stay with you during the interview and record the interview. You could then edit the video yourself and upload. It doesn’t even matter if the interview is for radio or TV, just get someone to record the video of the interview and inform the interviewer that you are recording a video for upload later, before you start, so they too could be prepared for a video. So, the next time you are going to be interviewed, even if it’s just a Red carpet interview, go with someone to record the video. It’s a great video content for your YouTube channel.


Story behind the song/ album:

This one is especially for musicians who write their songs themselves. In most cases, there is usually a story behind every song; it could be an event, a statement you heard, something you saw on the street or TV, a recent happening in your life, a memory, just something that inspired you to write the song. The idea is that you record yourself sharing that story behind each song you put out and upload it before or after the release of the song. This would even help your listeners further understand the message you tried to pass across in the song. ‘Story behind the song’ videos are also a good way of bonding with your listeners. And they are great video contents for your YouTube channel.


Live videos:

This is the last type of video content for your YouTube channel that I’ll be sharing. Live videos extend more than just live performances. You could decide to use it to air your opinion about an ongoing topic of debate and let your listeners know where you stand on such issues. Or maybe you’re having a birthday celebration, you could decide to stream it live. You could even decide to be more intimate and do live videos of your gym sessions or morning exercises. It’s all up to you. Just get creative with the videos.


This is where I would be wrapping up the series on video content ideas for your YouTube channel. I would like to hear from you. Which of these videos have you been using and which one stood out for you as you read through? Also, I would like to know if there are other video content types that some of you use that I didn’t mention in this series. Please use the comment box below. Thanks


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