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Last week, we looked at 3 inexpensive things you need to promote your song. But some of you might be wondering, what exactly is a lyrics video? So, I decided to take time this week to educate you on this very important tool for song promotion, which surprisingly is not expensive.

So, what’s a lyrics video?

A lyrics video is a type of video which focuses on the music lyrics. The words of the song are displayed as the song is played and they could be animated in a variety of creative ways. The background of video could either be a plain or motion background that may or may not relate to the song. In some lyrics videos, the background changes at different sections of the song. For instance, a different background could be used for the chorus, while another used for the verses, etc. These days, lyrics video backgrounds could be very complicated, even as complicated as having special effects; it all depends on what the artist wants. Also, music videos which have the lyrics displayed, either at the bottom of the screen or at specific times within the video, are sometimes also classified as lyric videos. But lyrics videos differ from real filmed music videos. Usually, all it takes to make a lyrics video is a skilled video editor. In recent times, lyrics videos have been utilized by record labels to generate more content for their artists.

Now you may ask, “what’s the difference between a lyrics video and a music video?

Well, like I said, a lyrics video focuses on the music lyrics. A music video, on the other hand, is a short film, shot and edited specifically for a song. It could be either for promotional or artistic purposes. The process of shooting a music video is often similar to that of shooting a movie. The artist, together with the director, first develops a concept for the video. This determines whether or not extra actors would be needed for the video or whether the services of a dance crew would be needed, etc. The concept also determines the location(s) where the video would be shot. Shooting a music video involves a crew of skilled professionals such as the director, camera men, sound guy, make-up artist, editor(s), etc. In the end, the cost of making a music video is about 5 times that of a lyrics video and sometimes, depending on the concept and location, the cost could get up to 30 times the cost of a lyrics video.

So, which is better between the two?

Both lyrics videos and music videos are useful for promotion of a song/ album or the artist/ band. However, because of the huge cost of making music videos, music artistes and music bands often resort to making more lyrics videos than music videos and it has gotten them lots of fans. Country superstar, Tailor Swift, is one living proof of this fact. She released a huge chunk of lyrics videos a few years ago, and see where it got her today.

So, if someone asks you, what exactly is a lyrics video? you  now know the answer to that question and you can even differentiate between a lyric video and a music video. Next week, we would look at the benefits of lyric videos.

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